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Heat Things Up With These Steamy Stories!

Brrrr, it's cold outside. Come warm yourself up with these hot Donovan's Door stories, some for sale and some for free:

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And Listen to an Excerpt
Peter looked at Kat, curled tight away from him even as she sat in his arms, a bit helplessly. “I don’t know what I’m doing,” he said almost inaudibly, ashamed. “I don’t know how to do this.”

“You don’t know how to be married,” she asked cautiously, “or you don’t know how to be married to me?”

He shook his head. He didn’t know. “I just want to be able to give you all the things men give their wives. Security. Love. Respect. A home.” He touched her cheek softly. “I want to take care of you, Kat.”

He just didn’t know how to do that and do this at the same time.

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And Listen to an Excerpt

God, he loved her so much. For a year now, she’d been working her way inside him.
No, not even working. She hadn’t done anything except be herself; this beautiful, amazing, sexy-as-hell creature he no longer knew how to be without.
As he pocketed the ring, he knew—in the most elemental, visceral way—that, if he ever lost her, a part of him would always walk around broken. Peter shook his head as he crumpled up her note. He couldn’t lose her.
But he just didn’t know how to keep her either.

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And Listen to an Excerpt

But then, when they’d gotten home, Kat had wrapped herself so tightly around him. Holding onto Peter as if he were an anchor keeping her from getting lost in the rapidly shifting world. Even now, after holding her for what felt like forever, there still was such desperation in that embrace. 
He didn’t know what to do. Peter was a fully-grown man, there wasn’t much he was afraid of—it’d been decades since he’d let the dark or its monsters frighten him—but the strength of her fear sliced through him with chilling terror, leaving him weak and powerless.
He was her husband, her lover, her Dom, for God’s sake, but there was nothing he could do. Nothing he could tell her. It felt so wrong, but it was true. What was there to say? What words could fix what had happened? What could he do as the world around them shifted?

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“Is that what you want?”
“Yes.” So much she felt crushed beneath its weight.
“What do you want?”
“You.” Wasn’t that obvious? She thought it pitifully so.
“What do you want me to do?”
She looked up questioningly at him. He knew what she wanted. It was why she’d come here, why she’d posted that damn ad that had started this whole thing. She didn’t understand where he was going with all his questions.
As if reading her confusion, he shook his head. “Say it.” Gripping her chin in his hand, Peter urged her, “Learn the words, Katherina. Tell me what you want.”

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“I think that’s why I trust you so much,” Kat told Peter, placing a hand over his. “Because, whatever I decide, you’re there for me. Supporting me. You challenge me to do and try new things without ever making me feel like I have to. Without ever making me feel bad for hesitating or doubting. It makes me want to do and try all those things. You make me feel safe enough to want to.”

He brought their joined hands to his lips, kissing the back of her hand. “What are you saying, Kat?” he asked. “Tell me what you want.”
Say the words. Kat inhaled deeply. “Wanna play?”
He grinned. “Always, Katherina,” he said, his voice a sexy rumble. “What do you want?”
The words. “I want to play,” she stated. “With you. Here. Now. I want to show everyone.”
“Show them what?” he asked, squeezing her hand.
“Us,” she said simply.

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Kat smiled and took Peter by the hand, leading him from her cubicle into the commanding space, where all the important meetings were held and announcements were made. From the time she’d been hired, this had been the room where every important professional moment happened and, if she were honest, it had always intimidated her a little.
It was perfect.
“Kat?” A confused laugh touched his voice while she sat him down at the head of the conference table in the seat of power, the one always reserved for the president of the company. “What are you up to?”
She pushed him back into the chair. It was strange to be taller than Peter, to be above him. It wasn’t that Peter was a particularly tall man. It was just that Kat was particularly short. Just barely five foot, she rarely got to look down at anyone.
She smiled.
She liked it. 

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She sighed. “I just don’t know how to do this,” she admitted quietly to him. “Balance these two parts of my life.” How did she reconcile the quiet, reserved woman she was in the bar, surrounded by family and friends as they talked about floral arrangements and future children, with the sensual pleasure-seeker she could be in the basement? Kat was good—fantastic, ecstatically happy—when the two sides stayed separate. When she could enjoy one without worrying about the other.

But here she was. Relatives being regaled by rope tops.  Coworkers circulating with crop-wielders. Old college friends catching up with kinksters of all kinds. Her worlds were colliding. It all made her want to shrink underneath the tables like a junior high student on parent-teacher conference day.

“Hang in there,” the knowing man next to her told her, laying a comforting hand on her shoulder. “It’ll all be over in a few days.”

And, as always, I hope you enjoy the event!

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