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What You Really Want


Small Magic
A Faere Trade Novella

Louis Williams stared at the lamp in his hands, the tarnished copper heavy and almost iridescent against his darker, sepele-shaded skin. It really was a beautiful piece, catching his eye amid the mounds of memories left in his Aunt Dottie’s old attic, now that she’d moved to her new assisted living apartment.

But nothing compared to the man now standing with his arms crossed over his broad chest.

No. Not a man.

“Genie?” Louis eyed him up and down, his skin as brilliant and multi-hued as his lamp — flashing copper, gold, bronze, and even burnished green in the low light. “Do you mean a djinn?”

The genie rolled his shoulders and looked at Louis, his eyes dark as night. “Nah, my magic’s not that old. Not of that time or place. ” He shrugged casually, his shoulder-length black hair falling into his eyes. “Magic is always born out of belief. Mine’s only a few decades old. Born right here in the states, because of some 1960’s sitcom,” he said, nodding at the old, rotary dial television sitting dust-covered and broken in the corner, “but made strong from a 1990’s cartoon.

Louis arched an eyebrow. “A sitcom gave birth to you?”

The genie huffed. “Do I look sixty to you?”

Louis blinked, unsure of what to say. How was he supposed to know what a sixty-year-old genie looked like?

“Strictly speaking, I’m ageless; I was born this way and will die this way. But I’ve been around for about forty years. At least according to the date you told me.” He waved that off dismissively. “My magic — or species, if that’s easier to understand — is around sixty years old.”
“Birthed by belief?” Louis tried not to smirk.

The genie shot Louis a smug, superior look. “Everything, not just magic, exists because someone believed it should, willed it to be so. My kind is just young enough to remember it.”

“People were willed into existence?” Louis shook his head. “By whom?”

The genie shrugged. “I couldn’t tell you; I wasn’t there. But creation is always an act of magic, wouldn’t you say?”

Louis didn’t know what to say to that, so he just pressed his lips together and thought about it.

The genie studied Louis and frowned. “Usually, my magic only works on children; adults tend to have a hard time believing.” He shook his head. “You have no idea how many perfect stray puppies, kittens, and ponies I’ve magicked up in my time.” He raised a curious, arched eyebrow. “How is it that my magic works on you?”

Louis gave a musing grin. “I’ve seen some weird things in my life. Rags to riches stories. Men on the moon. Devices that can both fit in your pocket and connect people halfway across the globe.” He held up his hands, mystified. “None of it makes sense to me; who am I to judge what’s possible or not?”

The genie narrowed his dark eyes. “So you believe anything’s possible?”

Louis just chuckled. “Well, you’re here, so it would seem so.” He tilted his head and jutted his chin at him. “So what do I call you?”
He bowed his head. “We don’t really get names. What would be the point? It’s not exactly a long-term relationship. You get three wishes, then it’s back to the lamp for me.”

“Well, until then, I’ve got to call you something.” And he couldn’t call him Genie, not without thinking of Robin Williams. “I know you said you weren’t one, but what about Genn.”

Jen?” He lifted an eyebrow. “Like Jennifer?”

Louis flushed. “No, like Genn, as in short for genie.”

“I don’t think that’s how abbreviations work,” the man said with a confused look. “Aren’t you changing the letter’s sound?”

Louis shrugged. “English is weird and malleable. Think of it like gif.” Louis frowned. Did that even mean anything to a man — a genie — like him? He shook his head. “If you prefer something else…”

“Whatever you want.” He stretched out his arms and cracked his knuckles. “Speaking of which, it’s wish time. What do you wish, Master?”

Louis frowned. “Yeah,” he said with a grimace, “not that.” He knew there were people out there who did — and, hey, Louis always figured you do you — but it was hard to be a black man in this country and play those kinds of Master/slave power games. “Let’s stick with Louis and Genn.”

He bowed his head. “Very well, Louis.” He waved his hand dramatically. “What is your wish?”

“Oh no.” Louis shook his head and turned to pace the attic. “I’ve read this story before. Genies are tricksters by nature. Quintessential be careful what you wish for creatures.”

Genn lifted a noncommittal shoulder and gave a small, but intriguing smile. “Don’t believe everything you read.”

Louis snorted. “Like I said, I’m a believer.”

Genn rolled his eyes and flopped down on the antique fainting couch, a cloud of dust kicking up under his weight. “Well, you’re the Mast—” He caught himself on a cough. “You’re in charge. I’ll just enjoy stretching my legs until you decide.”

Louis shot him a skeptical look. “You’re really going to follow me around until I make a wish?”

Genn kicked his feet up on the cushions and put his arms behind his head, the corded muscles stretching and flexing, causing the light to play across the man’s burnished skin. “That is the deal.”

“You must have something better to do.”

“Really don’t.”

Louis paused. His gaze narrowed and his nose wrinkled. “That’s sad.”

Genn blinked before staring off at the plank wood ceiling, the cocky light in his dark eyes dimming a bit. “Kinda is.”

Sounded pretty lonely too. “What if I wish you free?” Wasn’t that what the heroes did in those stories?

He shrugged. “Genies and our lamps are intertwined; our stories — the magic and belief that keeps us alive — rely on them. Like turtles and their shells, we can’t really survive without them. Wish me free and there’ll be a lot of flash and sparkle from all the noble, warm fuzzies you’ll have, all so I can wait for the next person to rub-a-dub-dub and start the whole story over again.”

Louis sighed and sat down on the wood floor. “So we’re stuck together until I make a wish?”

Genn held up his fingers and waved them. “Three, to be exact.”

“So, if it’s not to be free,” Louis asked, “what would you wish for, if you were me?”

“Telling feels like cheating.”

“Think of it more as a consult.” After all, who would be better to ask? The genie had to be an expert by now, after decades of seeing what made a good wish and what didn’t. “Or I could just ask for some stray pets and be done with it.”

“Anything but that.” Genn chuckled before thinking about it. “Don’t ask for things. We aren’t conjurers by nature.” He gave a sly smile. “Tricksters. Thieves. Liars. Our power is great, but it’s far easier to steal than to create.”

“No things.” Gottcha. “What else?”

He tilted his head one way and then the other, his loose, black locks swaying around his face. “Nothing big. Nothing world-changing. Or even life-changing; things can get complicated and run astray. The bigger the ask — the more I have to tinker with or alter the wider world — the more likely it is for things to veer off path and go places neither of us intended. Wishes are changes; and change is always hard and not always good.”

Louis bit his lip and nodded. Wise words. “Okay, then what should I ask for?”

“An experience.” Genn looked off into the sunlit afternoon through the tiny attic window. “That’s what I’d ask for. Some fleeting moment that can’t last, but that you can keep forever.” He turned to face Louis. “I’ll let you in on an insider secret.” He smiled mischievously. “The shortest-lived magic is always the hardest to screw up.”

An experience. “What kind?”

Genn shrugged. “Whatever. Ever want to skydive over the Gold Coast? Or trek through the Amazon? Or be in the middle of an orgy of Hollywood starlets? Whatever your little heart desires.”

Louis shook his head. “I hate heights. And leaving home. And starlets...” He gave a small laugh, feeling his face flush. “Not, uh, really my thing.”

Genn raised an eyebrow and held out his hands in the universal sign of indifferent neutrality. “Whatever your heart desires.”

Louis hung his head and gave a tense chuckle. “I wouldn’t even know what to do in the Amazon or the Gold Coast.” Or at an orgy. Knowing what to do with only one other partner never came terribly naturally to him, much less multiple ones. Hell, he’d only ever had the one.

It wasn’t always easy being the only openly gay person in a small town. It’d been, by far, harder when he’d been younger. When neither he nor anyone around him had really had the words to talk about it. But Louis knew, because of those more brave and prominent than he was and the shift in culture they’d moved like a mountain or a miracle, that he’d been lucky. His aunt may not have always understood him, but she’d always loved him enough to try. To find the words and ways to let him know that he mattered more to her than beliefs that helped no one and hurt people like him. And the same was true of most of the people in town. His friends. His neighbors.

It hadn’t always been easy and might never be perfect, but this was and would always be his home. It was where he belonged.

But it could be lonely too sometimes. To watch his friends date and marry and have kids. To know that wasn’t and might never be possible for him here.

His aunt had told him, when she’d decided to move into the assisted living home, that he should leave. Live. Go to some metropolitan hub and find a life — and a love — that, no matter how amazingly accepting this town was, he could never find in such a remote place.
But he was, by nature, a homebody; how did someone like that leave his hometown? And did he even really want to?

Louis scrunched his nose in thought. What did he really, really want? Sighing, he looked about the room. Well, if he was honest with himself. “What I really want is help cleaning up this place.”

Genn smiled and leapt to his feet. “Is that your wish?”

“Sure.” Louis shrugged. “I guess.”

Genn’s dark eyes sparkled impishly. “Then say it...”

Louis tilted his head one way and then the other thoughtfully. It was just a little housecleaning. What could go wrong? “I wish for your help to clean up my aunt’s house.”

Genn clapped his hands excitedly before giving a little whoop. He crossed his arms over his chest dramatically and bowed his head. “Your wish,” he said with a gleeful nod, “my command...”
To read the rest, check out my genie romance novella “Small Magic.”

Be careful what you wish.

When Louis Williams finds an old genie lamp in his aunt’s old stuff, he knows better than to mess with magic. But that won’t stop this handsome trickster from messing back!

Genn’s been stuck in that stuffy lamp for so long, all he wants is to do a little magic and have a little fun. But what’s a genie to do with a Master that literally wants nothing from him? And why does that make him even more determined to grant his every happiness, sure that in doing so maybe—just maybe—Genn can find his own.

Spice level: slow-burn to a kiss at the end

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Getting Wet and Wild


Check out my cosplay, sex toy, hot tub erotica story “Squeaky Clean Get Away” that plays with all the fun ways to get absolutely drenched.

Sinclair Sexsmith is back with the seventh volume of Best Lesbian Erotica of the Year!

Who doesn't love some tantalizing erotica through which they can live vicariously? In the seventh volume of Best Lesbian Erotica of the Year, editor Sinclair Sexsmith has included stories exploring extraordinary fantasies. Including authors and characters from a multiplicity of backgrounds, communities, genders, and points of view, these stories are sure to heighten and satisfy your appetite for variety and add a spark of the extraordinary.

This volume is sure to enliven readers and rekindle the exciting feeling of pursuing a new flirtation. From the butterflies to the excruciating tension that builds overtime, Sexsmith invites you to join these characters as they take a leap and explore an undiscovered side of themselves.

Dive into these 19 varied stories and experience a first time after a gender confirming surgery, transport to another time for a sexy heist with a forbidden lover, or even have one last hoorah with some swingers on the night before everything changes. Keep reading—you may just discover something new about yourself, or see yourself reflected in these provocative stories.

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Fake Dating for Christmas


Check out my geeky, holiday novella Checking It Twice

Fake dating for Christmas? What a perfect plan!

The holidays are hard enough without life throwing snowy curveballs. Freshly dumped, Elena Torres is too busy to find a new date to all her holiday events. There just isn't enough time to find someone new for her office party, her family gathering, and her friends' get-together. So she strikes a deal with her roleplaying buddy, Collin Werther, to pretend to be her ex.

What could possibly go wrong?

Spice level: slow-burn to a kiss at the end

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More Than Meets the Eye


Check out my monster love novella A Thing of Beauty

If it looks like a monster & moves like a monster, it must be one, right?

Then why does the human world seem so much more frightening to Brindle? Built like a beast, she never felt like she fit in the world she was born in.

Until Bloom.

Can she and Bloom find a way to live and love together in a world that refuses to see them as they are?

This wlw Beauty & the Beast story explores the realties of loving a monstrous body, from toxic gossip and body issues to defiantly following your bliss and discovering the joys of pervertable sex toys!

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When You Break


Check out my protest, seamstress, queer, monster story "Darn" in this incredibly unique mix of art, comics, poetry, and stories in this queer horror anthology from Artemisia's Axe.

Welcome weary travelers to the horrifying world of Skulls and Spells.

This is a collection of magical horrors you rarely find in your everyday bookshop. Get lost in a dark forest of stories. Wander the enchanting full colour pages. Be entranced by the artwork within. Listen to the haunting tales of those too often rendered voiceless.

Gruesome tales of love and loss. From flesh eating monsters to vampiric teeth that feed on toxic abusers. Cruel fairy creatures obsessed with wealth and power who crumble empires for joy. The ghosts of witches long burned and old gods reaping their righteous vengeance.

Tales of fire and love crushing the patriarchy.

In Skulls and Spells: An Anthology of Horror by Creators From the LGBTQI2SA+ Community you will find stories that pull at your heart, twist your guts, and make you very glad you are safe on that side of the pages.

The anthology publication brings together 19 creators, including artists, writers and poets from the queer community. Each creator has been inspired by the themes of 'Queer Horror Magic' to pen pieces of horror from their unique perspectives. Of the horror genre and its relationship with the LGBTQIA2S+ community, Jinx Peregrine of Artemisia's Axe said, "It is vitally important marginalized voices have a bigger place in the horror community because so often we are the subject of real life horrors. Horror for us is a cathartic way to express our frustration with the world at large, it is also a tool to bring conversations and actions about the well needed change our world needs." 

This is a limited edition full color hard cover book with inside cover illustrations in the front and back of the book. Page count is around 250 plus pages.

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Your Clever, Incredible Tongues

Check out my kinky phone sex story "On the Line" in this intriguing anthology from The New Smut Project.

Thirty authors, including Rachel Kramer Bussel, Sonni de Soto, Kristan X, and Good Sex Award honorees D. Fostalove and jem zero, share clever, sensual stories of the many ways we communicate about and around our desires. From erotic epistolary tales to steamy retellings of classics, this collection bursts with memorable and hot new reading material.

Banter simmers until the sexual tension boils over. An academic aches with curiosity about the mysterious woman behind the letters she translates–and the mysterious woman working alongside her. Lovers seek a common language after the fall of Babel. Without a physical body, a spaceship’s AI makes love to her captain with words. A domme and her sub negotiate kink titles that reflect all they are to each other. After saving his nonbinary partner, Victor Frankenstein celebrates both erotically and electrically.

Diverse characters find pleasure in body writing, music, virtual realities, fanfiction, first time phone sex, the queer truth behind local folklore, and reading aloud despite a boyfriend’s best attempts at distraction. Stories ranging from the lighthearted to the bittersweet explore what happens when someone finds just the right thing to say in bed—or says the wrong one—or speaks eloquently without using any words at all.

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"Face in the Mirror" in Mothers of Enchantment

Check out my self-improvement centered take on Beauty & the Beast, "Face in the Mirror," in this enchanting anthology! What would have happened to Beast if he hadn't waited around for Beauty to find him?

We remember her best as the generous fairy who dresses Cinderella and handles transportation while she’s at it. But that’s just the most famous fairy godmother’s tale. With a little imagination, you’ll find that fairy godmothers and godfathers appear in many varied forms. The authors in this anthology have crafted new tales that re-imagine the fairy godmother and her role.

A young fairy grapples with imposter syndrome as she takes up her new appointment as godmother. Immortal sisters bestow blessings and curses on princesses as a way to battle the patriarchal fairy godfathers. A struggling artist receives a godmother’s help to impress at her high school reunion. Sparing the life of a moth leads to magical help from an unexpected protector.

Retellings of Pinocchio, Rumpelstiltskin, Beauty and the Beast, and The Frog Prince show the magic of these stories in a whole new light. Infused with modern sensibilities but honoring the tradition of fairy tales, these dozen stories will enchant and inspire you.

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