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Friday, January 18, 2019

Heat Things Up With These Steamy Stories!

Brrrr, it's cold outside. Come warm yourself up with these hot Donovan's Door stories, some for sale and some for free:

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And Listen to an Excerpt
Peter looked at Kat, curled tight away from him even as she sat in his arms, a bit helplessly. “I don’t know what I’m doing,” he said almost inaudibly, ashamed. “I don’t know how to do this.”

“You don’t know how to be married,” she asked cautiously, “or you don’t know how to be married to me?”

He shook his head. He didn’t know. “I just want to be able to give you all the things men give their wives. Security. Love. Respect. A home.” He touched her cheek softly. “I want to take care of you, Kat.”

He just didn’t know how to do that and do this at the same time.

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And Listen to an Excerpt

God, he loved her so much. For a year now, she’d been working her way inside him.
No, not even working. She hadn’t done anything except be herself; this beautiful, amazing, sexy-as-hell creature he no longer knew how to be without.
As he pocketed the ring, he knew—in the most elemental, visceral way—that, if he ever lost her, a part of him would always walk around broken. Peter shook his head as he crumpled up her note. He couldn’t lose her.
But he just didn’t know how to keep her either.

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And Listen to an Excerpt

But then, when they’d gotten home, Kat had wrapped herself so tightly around him. Holding onto Peter as if he were an anchor keeping her from getting lost in the rapidly shifting world. Even now, after holding her for what felt like forever, there still was such desperation in that embrace. 
He didn’t know what to do. Peter was a fully-grown man, there wasn’t much he was afraid of—it’d been decades since he’d let the dark or its monsters frighten him—but the strength of her fear sliced through him with chilling terror, leaving him weak and powerless.
He was her husband, her lover, her Dom, for God’s sake, but there was nothing he could do. Nothing he could tell her. It felt so wrong, but it was true. What was there to say? What words could fix what had happened? What could he do as the world around them shifted?

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- Lyndsey jerked and gripped Porter’s hand when the speaker turned on for an inflight announcement. “You can now use your electronic devices.”
Porter squeezed her hand and took out his phone. “So,” he said with a reassuring smile, “are you ready?”
She bit her lip and tilted her head, squirming against the Bluetooth panty vibrator she had tucked tight between her legs that was connected to an app on his phone. His idea of relaxing inflight entertainment. 
It was a neat, little toy. Lyndsey wondered how well it worked, if it could really do everything the program promised. “Can I...” She bit her lip and held out her hand. “I don’t suppose I could see the app.”
He nodded. “Sure.” He handed over the phone. “But you should know that it’s all paired up so, if you start playing around with it...”
“It’ll play back.” She grinned and gripped the phone. She was okay with that.
More than okay.  

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“Is that what you want?”
“Yes.” So much she felt crushed beneath its weight.
“What do you want?”
“You.” Wasn’t that obvious? She thought it pitifully so.
“What do you want me to do?”
She looked up questioningly at him. He knew what she wanted. It was why she’d come here, why she’d posted that damn ad that had started this whole thing. She didn’t understand where he was going with all his questions.
As if reading her confusion, he shook his head. “Say it.” Gripping her chin in his hand, Peter urged her, “Learn the words, Katherina. Tell me what you want.”

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“I think that’s why I trust you so much,” Kat told Peter, placing a hand over his. “Because, whatever I decide, you’re there for me. Supporting me. You challenge me to do and try new things without ever making me feel like I have to. Without ever making me feel bad for hesitating or doubting. It makes me want to do and try all those things. You make me feel safe enough to want to.”

He brought their joined hands to his lips, kissing the back of her hand. “What are you saying, Kat?” he asked. “Tell me what you want.”
Say the words. Kat inhaled deeply. “Wanna play?”
He grinned. “Always, Katherina,” he said, his voice a sexy rumble. “What do you want?”
The words. “I want to play,” she stated. “With you. Here. Now. I want to show everyone.”
“Show them what?” he asked, squeezing her hand.
“Us,” she said simply.

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Kat smiled and took Peter by the hand, leading him from her cubicle into the commanding space, where all the important meetings were held and announcements were made. From the time she’d been hired, this had been the room where every important professional moment happened and, if she were honest, it had always intimidated her a little.
It was perfect.
“Kat?” A confused laugh touched his voice while she sat him down at the head of the conference table in the seat of power, the one always reserved for the president of the company. “What are you up to?”
She pushed him back into the chair. It was strange to be taller than Peter, to be above him. It wasn’t that Peter was a particularly tall man. It was just that Kat was particularly short. Just barely five foot, she rarely got to look down at anyone.
She smiled.
She liked it. 

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She sighed. “I just don’t know how to do this,” she admitted quietly to him. “Balance these two parts of my life.” How did she reconcile the quiet, reserved woman she was in the bar, surrounded by family and friends as they talked about floral arrangements and future children, with the sensual pleasure-seeker she could be in the basement? Kat was good—fantastic, ecstatically happy—when the two sides stayed separate. When she could enjoy one without worrying about the other.

But here she was. Relatives being regaled by rope tops.  Coworkers circulating with crop-wielders. Old college friends catching up with kinksters of all kinds. Her worlds were colliding. It all made her want to shrink underneath the tables like a junior high student on parent-teacher conference day.

“Hang in there,” the knowing man next to her told her, laying a comforting hand on her shoulder. “It’ll all be over in a few days.”

And, as always, I hope you enjoy the event!

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Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Dear God, How Has It Only Been a YEAR?! - 2018

So, I’d kicked off last year with a dare: “Bring it on, 2018; I am ready.”

Turns out, I was not ready.

If I thought last year was rocky, this year was a freaking mountain range!

I’d begun it with a fabulous cruise, full of sun and relaxation.

Only to have my mother suffer a stroke the day after I came back.

It was one of the most terrifying days of my life. I don’t know how I would have gotten through it without my partner. He’s always been amazing, but this year he’s been the best.

For a romance and erotica writer, I personally haven’t loved that many people in my life. I didn’t grow up with very many examples of great, or even functional, love and far too many bad ones. I think I read and wrote and consumed so many love stories because I needed to explore, discover, and teach myself what love meant to me.

I still do.

And, if all that led me to him, the journey, rough and winding paths and all, has been well worth it. He’s been my steadiness during the worry and work of my mother's recovery, my escape when the stress of it all became overwhelming, and my strength and support when I needed it most.

Like when my family turned on me and left me and my mother to fend for ourselves. Or when we found out our apartment had mold because we called city inspectors in when they wouldn’t fix our broken window for five months. Or when we had to fight with our landlord to get out of our lease. Or when our apartment began feeling unsafe, both structurally and on a security level. Or when we had to struggle to find and move into a new place. Whether I needed him to calm me, cuddle me, or kick me in the ass, he’s been there for me in a way no one else ever has and I am so grateful to and for him.

I’m also incredibly thankful to and for my amazing friends who’ve been so supportive this year, from being tireless sounding boards, to selflessly helping me move, to bringing me and my mom groceries when her doctor appointments and rehab schedule didn’t give us much time for all those unavoidable but hard-to-fit-in errands. They are awesome and I really want to make it a goal to set more time to spend with them this year. They are so important to me and I did not get to see them enough this past year. I've missed them terribly.

But mountains aren’t all cratering valleys; there have been some amazing peaks.

Like getting two new novels published, one weaving together stories from old favorite characters and another featuring a brand new world. And, of course I’ve been lucky enough to have more stories including in more anthologies and websites this year, as well as my very first Patreon requested story, which was so much fun to work on.

I also got to make some authorial appearances this year, which was amazingly fun. Doing panels at CONvergence was so much fun; it was so much fun to talk directly with people about the topics and subjects I love, like kink and consent and nerdery. And to get to do it all in costume makes it all the better.

Then getting the exciting opportunity to do a reading with Amber Tamblyn on her book tour stop in Minneapolis was nerve-wrackingly exhilarating. I’d never done a live reading like that before and to have that be my first was more than I could hope for.

Then, just a few weeks ago, I got to be on Deep Desires’s podcast and talk about my book Kinksters at Play. It was right in the middle of me getting ready to move, so I was so tired and frazzled, but it was a bright, fun moment in all the chaos.

I also got to see Hamilton, a show that speaks to me as a writer, a person of color, and an American. I love it so much and am so glad that my partner got tickets, right around July 4th, right when I needed a renewal of faith in my country. Like I said, he's the best!

He also took me and my friends to ValleyScare this year, even though he hadn't been on a ride since childhood and had never been to a haunted house, so a haunted theme park was definitely a risk. And, even though we found out that his enjoyment for rides doesn't quite reach mine, we still had so much fun.

As for the coming year, I’ve got a few more anthologies in the pipeline and am working with a new erotica app, Sunsette, which will hopefully launch soon! 

Also, having had to take a bit of a writing break with all the craziness of this year, I can’t wait to dive back into it. I have so many stories that I want to tell; I can't wait to share them!

Moving has also reintroduced me to my outrageously fun wardrobe and I really want to get back into taking photos again, though because of all the FOSTA/SESTA TOS madness, that might only happen on Fetlife.

TL;DR: 2018 has been as exciting as it was exhausting and I’m hoping to tilt those scales in a more positive, less stressful direction in 2019. Keep the good, hopefully leave the bad behind. So less of a crowing “Bring it, 2019” dare this time and more of a cautiously optimistic “I’m keeping my fingers crossed” resolution.

Happy New Year!

Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Toying With the Mile-High Club - Sunsette App Exclusive Story

Need your erotic fantasy fix?

Join the party and download & subscribe to the new sex-positive, empowering erotica app from Sunsette for $3.99/month and get access to tons of new, exclusive erotica stories.

My kinky mile-high club, sex toy story "Full-Upright Position" is arriving soon, so join the app now. After January 27th, you'll lose access to this great story, so subscribe now!

Lyndsey hates flying, but her partner Porter knows exactly how to make her flight better. With vibrator in hand, he is determined to make her pleasure fly high enough for her to forget they're off the ground. Let's make some titillating turbulence!

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Take a Taste - Free Halloween Story!

Take a bite out of my new spooky Halloween Microfiction erotica story from Circlet Press “Playing With Your Food” and discover just how scary and sexy spiders can be. 

Hope you enjoy and have a deliciously happy Halloween!

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Thursday, October 25, 2018

Empathy Toddlers With Emotional Object Permanence Problems

Ah, today I had to school my white coworkers on why Megyn Kelly is trash and blackface is ALWAYS wrong. 

"But, c'mon, it's just Halloween."

"It's like we can't even have a discussion about it."

"Is it really THAT big of a deal really?"


1 ) Kelly is an intelligent journalist who knows what she's doing and does so to a massive platform, complete with graphics and segment producers, so, yes, I don't think it's too much to ask that she not talk out of her ass and say ignorant, offensive things on her television show that is aired to millions of impressionable viewers daily. Or, if she is truly not capable of that (which, history shows us may be the case ::cough, cough:: white Santa ::cough, cough::), then she should be prepared for the consequences, which can and should include having that massive, daily-million-viewer platform taken away. We live in a country that protects our right to say whatever crazy shit we want, but television shows are not protected rights, not even by the first amendment.

2 ) And my coworker couldn't understand that point until I compared it to Rosanne Barr. If you know and enjoy having the ears and eyeballs of millions of viewers, maybe understand that you can't get pissed when we see you being shitty. You got into a business where you wanted to be seen. You did shitty things on platforms where you wanted it to be seen. You got seen. Deal with it. In fact, enjoy.

3 ) If you want to have an intelligent, interesting, impactful discussion about race and costumes and PC-culture, then maybe...maybe think about having at least ONE person of color on your damned segment about the impact of treating race or culture as a costume. It's shitty practice to not have a diverse panel on your show about any topic, but to have a segment about race with an all-white panel, shame on you. That's irresponsible and basic as hell. And it's shitty television to boot!

4 ) And my coworker couldn't get that point until I compared it to the panel of all male lawmakers deciding women's health. YOU DON'T GET TO DECIDE WHAT'S HARMFUL TO OTHER PEOPLE. If it doesn't directly affect you, then realize, yeah, your opinion is worth less. Not worthless. But, yes, worth less. Because IT DOESN'T AFFECT YOU. You don't understand the issue as well as the people who are affected by it. Just because it isn't a big deal to you, does not mean it's not a big deal. That's object permanence in empathy form; stop being an emotional toddler.

5 ) If it's really not a big deal to you, maybe stop fighting for it so hard. Is blackface really the hill you want to die on? Or could you, I don't know, just NOT do it? Is it really that hard? Is blackface a necessary part of your Halloween experience? Or are you just preparing me for the eventual reveal of your past blackface costume from five years ago? Cause that's what it looks like.

Oh yes and, of course, “But it was okay when I was young.”

1 ) No, it was not. It was socially acceptable when you were young, but it was never okay.

2 ) Know what was also okay then? Discriminating against people of color, women, and the LGBTQ+ community. Wanna tell me those things are okay now? Know what’s still seen as okay now? Paying women less than men for the same amount of work. Firing people for being trans. Creating and enforcing racist laws that protect bigots. Wanna take a crack at telling me that those are all okay? Maybe you need a new moral measuring stick cause the one you’re using is broken as hell.

Look, I would like to point out that my coworkers are not bad people. I like my coworkers. They aren't hateful people. They just have very small social circles, and experiences and beliefs that reflect that. We have a lot of small town/ small suburb dwellers here. Strictly speaking, as a country, we have anti-housing discrimination laws, but still have a lot of racist housing/zoning practices, which means I am literally the only person of color they have regular contact with. And, believe me, that took some getting used to for a lot of them. If they could have seen themselves from the outside when I started working here or, worse, when my assistant, who was black, was working here. They’d be horrified. 

I hope.

To be fair, when things are properly presented and framed just so (usually by taking personal bias out of the equation--hence why I had to compare an all-white panel to an all-male panel in order for the issue to be relatable to her), people are pretty good at seeing things clearly. I'm pretty sure, if I ever pointed out to my coworkers the way they judge promptness and productivity levels between their white coworkers and their coworkers of color, especially in context of centuries of stereotypes about the laziness and incompetence of people of color, they would be horrified. In the same way they're horrified just after they ask me to translate something in Spanish simply because of my last name (I don't speak Spanish, by the way) or if I have soy sauce (not all Asian people carry around packets of it all the time in our purses) or if I know their Asian friend-of-a-friend (no, we don't all know each other). Usually, it takes an awkward beat, but they get there. I honestly do think they understand the problematic nature of these comments and are horrified at their unintentional participation in them. I just also think that that sense of horror only lasts so long before they have to be reminded of that bias again. And again. And, probably, again.

They just need someone to do that for them.

Which is why I will be their "friend of color" who they have awkward conversations about issues they are not familiar with and, hopefully, walk away with a little wider view of the world.

Monday, October 22, 2018

Trash, Creeps, and Asking for It

Sooo, I NEVER want to ever hear anyone say shit like a woman was asking to be harassed or assaulted because of what she wears or how she looks. I also NEVER want to hear about how women need to ridiculously adjust their actions to make themselves safe or avoid danger.

Tonight, I spent hours cleaning out my pantry. At 8:30, I went to throw the massive amounts of trash living in the same place for 22 years inevitably builds up. There was a creepy guy standing outside by the dumpsters. Just standing there. Not smoking. Not seeming to be waiting for someone. Just standing in the shadows next to the place I had to go.

So, trying to not blow the situation out of proportion despite the creepy vibes, I just grab the two over-stuffed bags of trash over my shoulders and give him as wide a berth as possible.

“Big bags for such a little girl.”

Not exactly a pickup line, but still giving me even more creepy vibes. “Yep.” I quickly throw my bags into the dumpsters and turn around, painfully aware that I have six more bags of trash waiting for me in front of my apartment door. I slip my keys between my knuckles and rush for the door.

I see my neighbors wave at me as they get out of their car. I wave back before heading to my apartment, where I stare at the bags of trash I still need to bring down to the dumpsters.

I hear a knock on my door. I see my neighbor there with her partner and she asks me to do her a favor and let her son take my trash down to the dumpsters. Then she tells me that the reason she’d waved was because the creepy man had started to follow behind me.

It was 8:30 in my apartment parking lot. I was in my dad’s old boxers, an old puffy ski jacket, a scrunchy, and not a bit of makeup, not even lipgloss. I’m covered in three-months of leg hair and twenty-two years’ worth of dust, carrying literal trash. And I needed my neighbors, their son, and keys tucked like makeshift brass knuckles to feel safe in my own home.

What’s worse is that now I have to wonder what the guy was doing there. Has he noticed me taking out the trash everyday for a week? Will he be there tomorrow?

No one asks for this. No one wants this. That’s the exact point the women in your life are trying to make: these creeps are not waiting to be asked. They are not asking. That’s precisely what makes them creeps. And it doesn’t really matter what we wear or do, we have to live in a world where, some days, it collectively takes neighbors, their sons, and weaponized keys to throw your trash.