Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Pussies & Dicks

I am filthy-mouthed.

I write dirty, graphic, BDSM porn.

I get so graphic that I have been turned down by as many publishers as I've been accepted by BECAUSE my work is too graphic for their houses.

So, when I say that I am offended by Trump's statements, this is not me pearl-clutching over "pussy."

When I say everyone should be offended by his statements, this is not me reprimanding or censoring male sexuality or sexual expression.

Hell, I'm included in a wonderful anthology that celebrates male sexuality and all its complexity.

This is not about the graphicness of the words Trump and Bush used. This is about the intent and meaning behind them.

I have no problem with people who use words like "dick" and "pussy"--in fact, we probably can't be friends, if you're uncomfortable with them, I have a problem with people who think, just because a person they're attracted to has a pussy, that means they can act like dicks.

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