Monday, October 10, 2016

Is Trump Just the New Mr. Grey?
Stop. Just stop.

Trump's comments have shit-all to do with BDSM or Fifty Shades of Grey.

And, IF you do want to go down that road, let's go down it.

Did you not hear those of us in the feminist and kink and feminist kink communities crying--shouting, screaming--out that that series did not reflect safe, sane, or consensual behavior?

Did you not listen as we listed why Christian Grey, vanilla or kinky, was a predator? That the story romanticizes and glorifies sexual coercion and abuse? That it celebrates outdated, uninformed, and potentially dangerous behavior that HAS COST PEOPLE THEIR LIVES.

Is THIS they guy your candidate wants to emulate when it comes to sexual etiquette and culture? With story after story of sexual harassment and rape and assault on our campuses, in our military, in our workplaces, on our streets, in our homes, by our teachers, by our students, by our politicians, by our police officers, by our neighbors, by our lovers, by our families, by those we look up to and trust to keep us safe, is THIS the example we want our public officials--much less the leader of our country--living by?

We need better conversation about consent in this country, not more of the "locker room talk" that got us here.

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