Wednesday, September 21, 2016

F*ck Yes - Protection

Sexy dirty talk is one of those things that always seems harder than we think it should be. What I love about this video is that it makes dirty talk easy, accessible, and sexy. And fun!

I also love that, yes, they run into a sexual roadblock (no condoms) but they don’t let it ruin the moment. They roll with it. They recognize it for the easily solved problem that it is and move on. Perfect!

Love that no one tries to weasel out of protection. Love that they stand up for and advocate for what they want. And they make sure that, every step of the way, their partner is right there—actively and enthusiastically—with them.

Again, perfect!

Lastly, love that the comment that she didn’t shave her legs is met by a joke that he didn’t either. That it’s treated like a non-issue. Because it is.

Another great short film from a great company.

And, remember, please check out F*ck Yes’s youtube channel, share the videos, and help fund it. We need more sexy stories filled with enthusiastic consent and they are helping to make that possible.

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