Saturday, December 9, 2017

December Proto-Newsletter

So, I want to find better ways to connect with my readers. To let you know what I've done, what I'm up to, and what's coming up next. And one of these ideas is a newsletter with exclusive content, like write-ups on my inspiration behind some of my stories, video readings of excerpts, and the latest news about upcoming books and anthologies my work will be appearing in.

But I don't know how many people would be interested in something like that yet. If that's something that sounds interesting to you, send me an email with NEWSLETTER in the subject line saying you'd like to sign up to and, when I have enough names to make a good go of it, I'll start sending one out every month.

Until then, I'll try a few of these proto-newsletter blog posts, so people can get a feel for what they'd be signing up for.

As for this month, I thought I'd do a bit of a throw back theme. As some of you know, last July, I created a bunch of promo videos for a Beach Party with Deep Desires about my story "Give to You." Since the anniversary of this story is just around the corner, I thought I'd post those videos again, for those who couldn't make it to the party. 

I had a ton of fun making these videos and they got a good response from party attendees; it seems a shame if they never saw the light of day again. So, here comes the light!

In this first video, get to know more about me and my views on sex and kink and my deep love of everything nerdy!

In the next one, join me in exploring my Donovan's Door series. It was always my intention to write self-contained stories that could stand on their own, but were also connected within the same world. Donovan's Door, and now my latest series Faere Trade, allows me to do that, diving deep into complex worlds filled with a diverse cast of characters with infinite stories to tell.

This video introduces you to the couple who started my whole crazy career. While I can't say definitively that they are my favorite pair (that's like asking a fur parent to choose her favorite pet!), they are a couple who I keep coming back to again and again. They are adorable and accessible in a way that many of my other pairings may not be, telling relatable stories with, hopefully, an interesting twist.

So, within my Donovan's Door series, I have a character who hosts her own advice blog and podcast called The Deviant Nerd. And, for a while, I was taking questions from friends and online to create this fictional advice. This one was definitely taken from the dozens of emails I would get from people who'd stumbled across my work, who were sick and tired of the whole BDSM craze and wanted me to write vanilla stories. While I haven't done a Deviant Nerd segment in a long time, if you have any questions for Pip, email her at and we'll give you answers.

And, of course, here is my video reading excerpt of "Give to You," featuring a steamy, sexy scene by the outdoor hot tub. I have a friend who used to throw these huge play parties at his house that had an outdoor hot tub. And, during the summer, everyone would be in them--you had to get there pretty early, if you wanted a soak. But, during winter, it took a pretty brave soul to be out there. But, if memory serves, it was always well worth the effort.

Finally, this was the last see-what's-coming-up-next-for-me video that I made for that party, so the information is definitely old. All the stories mentioned here are now available for sale, so please check those out, as well as all my other works for sale. Also, for anyone interested, here is the story I live-wrote on Facebook for that party, featuring my characters Max Wells and Vera Hernandez: Smoke & Fire

So here's basically what a newsletter from me would look like (probably not with THIS many videos), but with some behind-the-scenes information, a featured excerpt, and an update on what's going on. And, remember, if you'd like to be a part of a monthly newsletter like this, email me at with NEWSLETTER in the subject header. 

At the time, these videos felt very Christmas in July to me, given the story and the timing; hope you enjoyed having a little bit of summer heat in the middle of this chilly winter!

And remember to check out my story "Give to You," now available:
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