Monday, July 4, 2016

My Closet Life - A Poem

My Closet Life
Garter belt. One. Eggshell lace with cracked pearl trim. Women’s size petite. 
Used. A lot. Elastic band frayed from frantic hands and frisky youth. 
Barely noticeable. $6.00.

Schoolgirl skirt. One. Pleated. Plaid. The exact color of a crisp, ripe 
apple. Too short to be decent. Guaranteed to attract trouble. $4.00.

Collar and cuffs. Both wrist and ankle. Sold as a set. A present 
pervertable that were baby belts in a past life. Given to me by 
a single father looking to be a Daddy. The buckles squeak and can 
 pinch at times. May need to be replaced. $3.00 for set.

Leather and silk three-piece set. Includes bra, cincher, and G-string panties. 
Tough-as-nails, butch-as-hell, bitch-dark black. Custom fit. Smells faintly of 
fantasy and attic dust. Never been dry cleaned. $25.00 for set.

Little, black vinyl dress. One. Women’s size 6. Zipper broke from quick 
changes and quickies. Slides down smooth, but sticks midway up. 
Easily fixed. $7.00.

Gloves. Two pairs. One lovingly torn midnight lace. One full-length 
satin, soft and scarlet as a smile. Slightly stained from sweet, secret acts 
best kept hidden and hushed in shadows. $3.00 for both. $2.00 for each.

A pair of cotton panties. Blush pink. Cream rose prints scattered like 
constellations, asking connection. Waistband stretched from a twist of 
hands and heat. Found tucked like a token—warm and welcoming—in 
my coat pocket. Faint floral scent still clinging to the cloth, only to be 
touched by piqued masculine suspicion and a fiancee’s nervous unease. 

$40.00 for everything.    

Am willing to negotiate.

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