Wednesday, March 23, 2016

The Sex Myth - Public Projection vs Personal Authenticity

Another great comic by Oh Joy Sex Toy!

An interesting notion, definitely worth thinking about. Particularly for those of us whose identity is tied very much to our sexuality. If we are asking for the right to express our sexuality free from judgment, we cannot judge others for how they express their own.

How many times do we see a stressed-out or uptight person and say something like, "jeez, that person needs to get laid." Or how many times do we see more conservative people and think that they'd be happier if they weren't so repressed and just let loose?

Who's to say that's true or right?

And, more to the point, who's to say we have any say in it at all?

Sex makes many of us happy. And being sexual adventurous can be thrilling and fulfilling for many of us. And we should have the right to do and be so.

But we are not everyone.

And, if we're not okay with other people telling us what we can or can't or should or shouldn't do with our bodies based on their own personal desires, we can't then turn around and try to dictate what would be best for everyone else based on ours.

As someone who grew up with hearing--and still hears--people talk about my sexuality like it's a symptom of dysfunction that needs to be fixed, I get how damaging it is to have people constantly judge you about something that feels like the most natural thing in the world. It's such unnecessary and unnecessarily cruel damage to make someone feel broken simply because they're different. If they're not harming anyone by being them, by doing what they do, maybe we should all just hold the judgments and realize it's none of our business.

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