Friday, December 25, 2015

Definitely on the Naughty List

It's that time of year again and, if you're looking for something to fill you with good cheer, here are some of my happy holiday Donovan's Door stories:

Play in the snow with Kat & Peter, from my novel The Taming School, in "Give to Me" 

See what happens after Kat & Peter's happy ending in my story from Deep Desire Press!

And Listen to an Excerpt

- With the rush made stronger by the water and wintry weather, it felt as if her back were being flayed. She could feel each strike distinctly, each sting lingering on her skin. Wetness dripped like blood, warm from the flogger down her back, cooling to a stinging chill on her skin. The feel of it—the vibrant, visceral image of it alive an reckless in her head—swam heady and thick in her muddled, sensation-spun mind. She blinked rapidly, feeling caught in a dreamy, otherworldly space. On the brink of a nightmare and need. Of pain that threatened and pleasure that promised.

Find your Christmas Spirit with Father Nicholas Bailey's kinky devotion in "Genuflect."

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- The man flinched with a gasp as her hand connected with his ass. “ ‘Blessed art thou amongst women,’ ” he continued as he sucked in a hiss of air, sticking his ass in the air, waiting for her next hit. Nicholas scooted forward on his knees, his thighs tense and tight and his folded hands squeezed, his nails digging into his flesh. “ ‘And blessed is the fruit of thy womb—’ ” Solomon’s hand smacked again, harder this time, making the man’s whole body jerk. “Jesus!” Nicholas’s hands gripped the hard edge of the pew’s back, his fingertips falling into well-worn grooves in the wood from where other hands had gripped and held in anticipation.

Go on a Naughty Holiday Shopping Spree with Pip & Phil in "Pervertable."

Check out my story “Pervertable” to see how sexy food shopping can be in this gleefully, greedily gluttonous anthology from Sexy Little Pages.
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- Then with a graceful dance step, she swung her hand back like a tennis player and smacked him with it. On the butt. The blow made just a tiny, muted thunk—really just a sound too small for all that effort—but it resonated impossibly loud in Dana’s head. Dana just blinked—balked—not believing that she was seeing this. People were going to touch food with those, for God’s sake!

 And, of course, have yourself a kinky, little Christmas with Dani & Chris in "Tugging Reins."
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- If he gripped one end in his fist, the folded tinsel looked almost like a flogger. He shrugged. Hmmm. Pulling his arm back, he rapped her shoulders. Not hard. Experimentally. Just to see. “Did you just whip me with tinsel?” she gaped, disbelieving. “Tinsel?”
“Is that,” he said with a hesitant shrug, “okay?” He was working with what he had; he didn’t know what else to do. He felt his palms sweat and his face flush.
“I just can’t believe this is my life,” she chuckled throatily. 
And, as always, I hope you enjoy and have a holiday happy!