Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Looks like "No Fappers" are Trying a Different Tact

Someone linked this to me today. And I have to say, I'm not a hateful person, but I fucking HATE No Fappers. I've talked about this. A lot.

If the constant stream of elected officials who get caught acting against their so-called better morals--meaning of course, the morals they expect everyone else to live by, just not themselves--have taught us anything, it's that anyone who tries to act like an authority on the morality of or tries to police someone else's sexuality likely has the deepest, most unethical closet of shame-riddled sex secrets ever.

I'm willing to bet whomever made this video, like the recent studies are finding, is crippled by how much they're secretly turned on by the things they rail against.

This video is horribly sex-negative, kink-negative, and slut-shaming trying to pretend that it's sex-positive and enlightened. 

"Don't eliminate porn, just police the hell out of it and limit it to a very specific audience that excludes the vast majority of people." 

Don't like the porn out there today; that's fine, go look for porn you do like or, if you can't, make you own. Don't judge people for what they like.

You want to actually help the porn industry, try concentrating less on content and concerning yourself over the treatment of the people in the industry. Make sure that performers, writers, crew workers, etc. get paid fair wages and are there not out of any kind of duress, financial or otherwise. Seek to de-stigmatize how the culture views performers as well as others involved in the industry. Promote people who do educational and ethical porn.

There are tons of ways to help "make porn better;" wagging your finger at people through a youtube video for being into puppy play really isn't one of them. There is no one right way to have or enjoy sex and thinking that your way is the only "true" way is narcissistic, entitled, delusional, and bigoted as hell.

Lastly, all your historical "facts" are blatant lies. Read Greek mythology! You really want to make the argument that they put sex--particularly fictional, pornographic sex--on some kind of moralistic, lovey-dovey pedestal? Google "Zeus" for me; I just want to see your small-minded, cherry-picking mind explode.

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