Friday, January 31, 2014

Shit Book Snobs Say: Translations

I am in love with this list: Shit Book Snobs Say: Translations

Some other ones I hate:

They're not really graphic novels; they're just comics. = I dismiss the incredibly obvious melding of art and literature as trivial and pretty much just picture books for adults. Because I've never heard of Maus: A Survivor's Tale or the many, many, many established and acclaimed literary authors who've worked on graphic novels or a friggin' movie or TV show, which have been managing to tell stories very well both visually and with words for quite some time now!

You read children's books? = Because I have no interest in knowing what the next generation of readers will read and can't appreciate good storytelling because all I actually bother to read is the age level.

I only read non-fiction; I don't see the point of fiction. = I have no imagination and my world is a very, very, very small place.

I only read fiction. Non-fiction is boring. = I only visit specific parts of bookstores and don't bother looking anywhere else because my literary world is a very, very, very small place.

I hate/like Twilight/ Fifty Shades of Grey/ Harry Potter/ etc. because everyone else does (even though I haven't actually read it. Yet! Or even have plans to read it. Yet!). = I believe that the entirety of a book can be deduced solely on the pithy, sound-bitey opinions of others. (I'm not saying I, personally, like or hate those books, but at least I cracked open the pages and gave them all a shot before I passed judgement. Someone spent the time writing and editing that; the least you could give them the first few chapters to grab you before you decide if they're good or not.)

Erotica is just dressed up porn.  = I secretly surf my porn online and, while I'll gladly enjoy and wank to the work in the privacy of my own Kleenex, I still plan to publicly shame the people who make it. Because that's what good and decent people do. Because porn is literary sausage; I want it to exist, just not the people and processes that make it.

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