Friday, March 15, 2013

We Are Our Own Size Queens

Personally, I find curvier, fuller women very sexy. If I had any complaint about this mannequin, it would be that awful wig.  

 It's not that I necessarily find curvy women sexier--attractiveness is much more complicated, much richer than simple shape--rather I'm sad that fashion and media--and, yes, literature too--too often refuses to accept beauty outside a certain, very arbitrary definition.

It ignores--excludes and disqualifies--the majority of people in existence in favor of what? An impossibility that doesn't exist outside of Photoshop and plastic molds.

There is so much beauty in the world. So many unbelievably attractive people who can't see themselves as such because we only get one standard. Conversely, so many of us try so hard to fit that impossible mold, utterly missing the much more interesting facets of attractiveness--creativity, confidence, humor, completeness, capability--letting all that waste away undeveloped so we can fit into a size of jeans we were probably not meant to fit in in the first place.

Give me a curvy woman who knows how amazingly hot she is over a skinny woman fussing over whether her lack of ass is fat. There's a woman I want to take out to dinner.

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