Saturday, December 1, 2012

Further Proof that Kinksters are the Overthinkers of the World

It's pretty well known in the kink world that the community is made up of geeks and nerds. To those out of the community, this always seems strange. Vanilla folks always like to imagine us to be these dark, mysterious, exotic, nighttime creatures who exist only in this fantasy world that is completely separate from the real one, when in truth we're the same people dressing up as Klingons and Justice Leaguers at Comic Con and Convergence.

The thing is this always made perfect sense to me. Kinksters are the geeks and nerds of the sexual world. Think about it. Take role play; who would be more interested in this type of play than the the LARPers, the theatre kids, and the Dungeon & Dragon lovers? What about all the toys, whips, floggers, rope, etc? Of course, geeks and nerds would love this! Skills that need to be learned, honed, and mastered; hell, yes, sign us up and we'll make those skills our bitch! Kink takes an intelligence, a dedication, and a passion that I've only seen in geeks and nerds.

Geeks and nerds are the overthinkers of the world. We're the highly educated. We're the highly curious. And, yes, we're tend to be the highly--oft fanboy/girl-ishly--passionate. We think about and learn and geek out over everything; why wouldn't we apply that same passion and excitement to sex?

So, yes, when anyone asks me what I look for in a partner, this is why my answer is inevitably, "I love me my geeks."

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