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A Well-Needed Naughty Lesson - Part Two

The Taming School
An Excerpt - Part Two
Read Part One Here

“Green,” she said hesitantly. “May I ask a question?”

He gave another nod.

“When are you…” she started only to trail off nervously, her gaze faltering for a moment. But she wanted to know. She had to know. “I mean, when are we going to,” she shrugged and hedged, “you know?”

She felt her face flush and was grateful for her dark skin that hid her blush. Lord, she hated being a virgin. So skittish and embarrassed. She was just so tired of it hanging over her like some lily-white letter stitched straight into her heart. Part of her just wanted to get it over with so she could move on.

“Is that what you want?”

“Yes.” So much she felt crushed beneath its weight.

“What do you want?”

“You.” Wasn’t that obvious? She thought it pitifully so.

“What do you want me to do?”

She looked up questioningly at him. He knew what she wanted. It was why she’d come here, why she’d posted that damn ad that had started this whole thing. She didn’t understand where he was going with all his questions.

As if reading her confusion, he shook his head. “Say it.” Gripping her chin in his hand, Peter urged her, “Learn the words, Katherina. Tell me what you want.”

Understanding dawning, Kat sighed. “I want you to touch me,” she told him.

“I am touching you,” he said, squeezing her captured chin a bit. “Tell me what you really want.”

“I want you to sleep with me.”

She yelped when he quickly reached out and pinched her nipple mercilessly. Instinctively, she moved to cover her breasts but he shook her chin that was still clutched in his other hand, stopping her. “Do not move,” he growled. “Do not do anything I don’t tell you to do, including sugarcoating your words.” He tightened his grip on her face again, digging his fingers into her jaw and jerking her ruthlessly. “You’re an English major, Kat, so you know all about the power of words. I’ll bet you know a thousand different ways to say how badly you need to feel my dick thrusting deep inside you, how you’re just gagging for it.” Not used to such graphic speech, Kat flinched at his language, but he would have none of her modesty, continuing on uncaring. “But no matter how you phrase it you’re still just a bitch in heat too naïve and nervous to even say the words, aren’t you?”

Kat felt tears burn behind her eyes. Shame and hurt welled deep inside of her, threatening to drown her. Is that what he thought? Is that how he saw her? As some desperate spinster so eager to give it away that…

Kat blinked as realization hit her hard.

As some spinster so desperate that she’d posted an ad online, advertising her virginity like a lamp for sale on eBay, there for the taking by the best bidder. Well, that was exactly what she was, wasn’t she? No matter how she said it, whatever pretty words she could weave, it didn’t change what she’d done. It didn’t change the situation she was in. This wasn’t about romance. It wasn’t about fairytale love.

She wanted sex. She wanted to be fucked.

“Say it,” he ordered, loosening his grasp.

She looked up, her eyes flashing defiantly. “I want to be fucked,” she said clearly and without any shame. She never knew how freeing it was to speak so plainly. To talk dirty. She straightened her spine, pressing her breasts against his chest aggressively. “I want you,” she told him, meeting him gaze for heated gaze, “to fuck me. Please, fuck me.” It wasn’t a request. It was a declaration, Kat knew, more than a little surprised to hear her own clear statement of desire. It sounded like a dare.

He smiled and let go of her chin. “No.”

She frowned, confused, and then recoiled as his words belatedly registered.

“At least, not yet,” he added. He bowed his head, staring her right in the eye, pushing her even further back. “Rest assured, by the time I’m through with you, there will be nothing virginal left in you. I will take you and use you in every way I want. And when I’m done, you’ll beg me to do it all over again. Won’t you?”

Oh, God, yes. “Yes, Peter,” her voice reverting back into the soft, instinctively submissive tone.

“That’s right,” he said, a smug smirk on his face. “You want me to fuck you. You want to be fucked by me.” He leaned back again, his hazel eyes losing all trace of kindness—wiped away by the clear surge of sexual power. “But I won’t. Not until I want to.”

Kat wanted to weep. It was cruel, to give her a sense of control—to make her feel so strong and self-assured—only to yank it away again. To make her face the full brunt of her desires only to deny them. She felt so off-kilter, so spun. She felt tired. Her knees weak, she felt them start to buckle.

But then his arm was around her, snaked possessively—protectively—around her waist. “Who knew virgins actually swooned?” he said, sounding more like the Peter she’d first met in that bar, laughter touching and coloring his voice. “Kat, your color.”

“Greenish,” she said, chewing on her lip and clinging to his arms, “I think.”

She felt him nod next to her neck before he spun them smoothly, pulling her onto his lap as they both sank into the luxurious cushion of the leather chair. She could feel the press of his cock, thick and hard, between the cheeks of her ass—a reminder that, whatever he said, he wanted her too. She sighed, that thought like a balm over her ego, and settled herself against him, cuddling nearer.

His arms were strong, wrapped as they were around her waist, his hands flat against her sides, making her feel securely trapped. She felt held inescapably safe in his embrace. She breathed easier, only now realizing how tense—how pulled tight—she’d actually been. She sighed and let her body lie relaxed against his.

For a long moment, they just sat there, both catching their breath.

“Kat,” he said, breaking the silence.


He was quiet for a second, tightening his arms around her. “It’s been a very long time since I’ve been with someone outside of my world,” he told her, sounding unsure—a strange tone to hear in his voice. It was kind of nice. “Much less a virgin. I don’t want to rush you or scare you or overwhelm you, Kat. I don’t want to go too far,” he sighed, pained. “Tell me how far you feel comfortable going,” he said, his tone more curious than commanding. “Where are your limits?”

She bit her lip and cocked her head to the side in thought. “I don’t really know,” she said. How was she supposed to know how far she could to go if she’d never gone? “I suppose that’s what I’m trying to figure out.”

He nodded and cuddled her tighter. “Before we go any further, I want you to know—to understand—that you can and should tell me if you’re uncomfortable with anything we do. I want you to promise me, Kat, that you’ll be honest with me about this.”

She turned to him, shifting her weight in his lap. Looking into his eyes, she could see how serious he was. Trying to be just as serious, she told him, “I promise, Peter.”

He let out a breath before settling her against him. “Good,” he said, his voice gaining more of his usual confidence. “Since you can’t yet tell me how far you want to go, tell me how far you’ve gone.”

She shrugged. “Not very far,” she told him. “I’ve kissed guys. I’ve messed around some.”

“Meaning?” he asked, his harder tone creeping back into his voice.

Learn the words, she told herself. Speak plain. “I’ve had five boyfriends,” Kat said, her tone strengthening too. “I’ve kissed all of them. I’ve seen three of them naked. Four of them saw me naked. Two of them felt up my breasts. One of them fingered me while he laid on top of me wearing nothing more than boxers and socks.”

There was a pause while he thought about her words. “Have you ever gone down on anyone?”

She grinned. Who was sugarcoating now? “No,” she said, “I’ve never sucked cock.”

He chuckled softly. “Okay,” he said, his hands moving lower to rub her thighs, “did any of the five eat your pussy?”

Her smile widened. “No.”

She could feel him nod, hoping that was a sign that, at some time of his choosing, he would. “So you’ve had some guy’s finger inside you. How many fingers?”

“One at first, then two.”

His hands roamed lower, gripping the insides of her thighs, spreading them so each leg rested on the arms of the chair. She could smell her arousal waft up into the air, making her dizzy. “Did he spread his fingers, opening your pussy?”

“No,” she breathed, willing fingers that coasted along the seams of her thighs so close to their apex to touch it.

“Did he play with your clit?”

“No.” God, she wanted him to. Needed him to. Right now. Please.

“Were you wet?”


His hands stilled. She squirmed, grinding her ass against his cock, silently begging him not to stop. But his hands lay limp between her legs. “Didn’t he notice?” He sounded baffled.

She frowned. “I don’t know,” she answered. “I don’t think so.”

Peter growled, sounding delightfully grumpy. His hands were back, spreading her forcefully wider. She groaned at the strained stretch of muscles, her hands clutching the chair’s arms as her hips jerked up into his hands. “You’re wet now,” he said, rather unnecessarily—or so she thought, since she could hardly deny it with her legs splayed and her aroused state unmistakably displayed.

“Yes,” she said, pushing more firmly against him again. “Yes, I’m wet. So very, very wet. Please, please, touch me.”

“Touch you?” he murmured, raking his nails along the sensitive skin of her thighs and making her moan as she arched her back, her hips rising, urging him on. “Like this?”

God, yes.

“Like this?” he said as he bent his head and bit her hard on her shoulder before licking away the small hurt.

“Yes, Peter.” Yes.

“Two fingers?” he said off-handedly, sliding one finger up her cleft.

She hardly had time to shiver in response before he thrust three fingers deep and fast into her up to their hilt. It was such a shock.

And, yes, it did hurt.

Not used to being so stretched—particularly so quickly and without warning—her body immediately struggled against the invasion. “Breathe, Katherina,” he ordered, his hand stilled inside of her, pushing against her bucked hips, holding her to him. “Deep breaths. In then out,” he told her, his soothing voice setting a rhythm for her. “Convert the pain into pleasure. Allow your body time to flood you with endorphins.”

“I don’t know how,” she said, her voice panting and wavering with pain.

“Just breathe, baby,” he told her, his other hand caressing the side of her face, holding her tight against his chest. “Breathe for me.”

Kat, choked back her tears and forced her breath between her clenched teeth while he pulled his fingers out only to shove them back in, repeating this in time to her breathing. After a few long moments of this, quite inexplicably, she began to feel the pressure become pleasure as her body rode the growing waves of sensation.

“You’re coming,” he growled, his voice a rumble in his chest, “aren’t you?” She panted, biting her lip, as he thrust harder, faster. “Aren’t you?”

She flushed, turning her head, embarrassed. “Yes,” she admitted. God, she was so easy. Some of the men she’d been with in the past had laughed at her for it. Poked fun—you know, in that playful, joking way. Told her that she came so easily.

Too easily.

And then, after that—for some reason—she hadn’t been able to come at all with them.

“Not many women can come from this, you know?” Peter told her. “From just my fingers in their cunt.”

She knew. She tensed, feeling unease creep inside her. Her legs tightened, squeezing shut instinctively.

“God, Katherina,” he moaned, nuzzling her neck, “you’re so responsive.” Then he bit her, quick and sharp, making her squeal. Her body jerked, somehow freeing her from her tension, from the awkward unease. Bringing her mind back to the pleasure he was giving her with a sigh and a smile. “Amazing.”

Yes, amazing.

Her hips began to buck again, but this time thrusting into his hands instead of away. “Please, Peter,” she murmured, feeling her climax coming close again.

“Not yet,” he told her, splaying a steadying hand across her belly. “Do not come, Katherina.”

“I want to,” she whined. “I have to.” She pumped her hips. “I can’t stop.”

“You will stop,” he said, reaching into her robe to pinch her nipple hard, making her cry out in as much pain as joy. He latched onto the straining tip, squeezing it between his thumb and forefinger without relief. “Hold it back and breathe.”

“I can’t,” she whimpered, trying. Trying and failing. She felt her body grip his fingers. “I can’t.”

“You can and you will,” he told her, digging his nails now into her nipple. She cried out at the bite, her pussy pulsing again. “Clench your vaginal muscles. Focus all your energy there. Clear your entire mind of everything but controlling your cunt. Do not come, Katherina, or you will be punished.”

Kat closed her eyes and did as he asked. She pushed her mind lower, lower, and lower still, until she became absolutely full with all the riotous sensations centered in her hot, throbbing core. She could feel with exquisite exactness each push and pull of his fingers. She held herself rigid beneath his touch, holding onto the pleasure licking her entire body with sweet fiery swells.

“Good girl,” she heard him say as he let go of her now burning nipple, stroking it gently now, soothing away the pain. “Now keep it there. Stay there.”

He took his other hand from her breast and brought it down between her legs to play with her clitoris. The pleasure—so intense—made her mind slip for a second, forcing her to bite down hard on her lip and fist her fingers, scoring her palms with her nails. “Peter, please,” she begged, knowing she couldn’t hold back much longer. “Please.”

“Tell me what you want,” he grunted through gritted teeth.

“I want to come,” she pleaded, her eyes tearing with the effort. “Please, Peter, let me come.”

Removing his hand from her clit, his fingers still wet from her juices, he cupped her chin, turning her head to him. “Then come, Kat,” he ground out. “Come for me.” He pulled her face to his, closing his lips over hers before thrusting his tongue into her mouth in rhythm with the deep, long thrusts he delivered below.

She cried her pleasure into his open mouth as her body shook and writhed with overwhelming pleasure around his deliciously deviant fingers.


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