Friday, October 26, 2012

Even If I Say It, Don't Stop - Part One

The Framework of Fantasy – Part One

“Are you ready?”

Nerves churn in my stomach but my gaze never falters. 



I tell you no; you do it anyway.

I shove you; you push back.

I try to scream; you seal my lips with yours, swallowing the sound

I feel your fingers inside me, insistent and unrelenting. Each thrust of your hard hand pounds against my soft sex, echoing through my whole body. The length of your arm presses between us, a long, pistoning force I cannot shake. I feel it—feel you—in every cell of my body, inescapable, unignorable. 

I rear my leg back to kick you, my power surging as I bend my knee. But, when I strike, you catch my sole in your palm...

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