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Take My Breath Away - Part Two

Slight Hiccup  -  
Part Two -
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Ty felt it the moment Aeith did it. He felt the other man draw in air as if he’d reached deep inside Ty’s chest and sucked it from his lungs. It didn’t hurt. Not really. It was just sudden and unshakable, like his body—no longer his for the span of the long breath—was being taken over. Ty’s back arched and his knees wobbled at the shock of it.

He shouldn’t have been shocked.

He’d talked to Ty about this before. Done this to Ty before. Aeith was a sylph. A Dawn Taker, a Last Gasp.

With a bellowed gulp, Ty shook his head as breath surged back into his lungs. That wasn’t fair. Ty knew that sylphs had long since stopped the practice—as a widely accepted one, at least—of siphoning air from sleeping dreamers, who were less likely to notice the theft than during waking hours, because it was just far too easy to get lost in the act. A sylph could sit atop a dreamer and breathe them so deeply, as they lie helplessly unconscious beneath them, that the dreamer died, smothered under the weight of all their lost breath.

Aeith had never done something like that. Would never.

Ty was sure.


He looked at Aeith now standing, still mostly see-through, in front of him. He wasn't looking at Ty. Instead, he was staring at his hands, turning them over and over, even though they were little more than a vague outline. “Is it so awful?”

Ty paused. “Is what?” He knew what.

“You know.” Aeith shrugged. “Me.”

Closing his eyes, Ty let out a noncommittal huff.

But he looked up when he heard Aeith make a choked sound. “It is.” The words were a barely audible whisper. Aeith looked up from his hands, meeting Ty's gaze. I am. Ty could read the thought, the fear, in his eyes.

“No.” It wasn't. He wasn't. It's just...

“Don't lie to me.” He stumbled back, his feet not even disturbing the carpet's shag. He shook his head. “Stop lying to me.”

“I'm not lying.”

Aeith kept backing away, his breathing becoming shallow and fast. Ty felt it like quick, relentless drags on his lungs. “If you're not now, then you have been.” He clutched at his chest. Or would have, if his fist hadn't sunk in—punched through his ghost-like body—where his heart would be. “We've been together for over a year now. We've been together dozens of times.” He shook his head. “Was it all a lie?”

“No.” Ty shut his eyes and reached back to lean on the hotel's desk, his head feeling light. “No.” God, he didn't know. It was so hard to think around Aeith. He held his swimming head. He forced himself to take a deep, slow breath. Then another one. Then one more.

He looked up at Aeith, who stared back at him, his clear blue eyes wide and worried. Deliberately, Ty inhaled through his nose before puffing it out through his mouth. He watched as Aeith’s chest swelled with his breath. But, instead of releasing it, Aeith’s body just held it, transmuting air into matter as it added sky blue color to his skin.

Ty smiled. God, Aeith was beautiful. An ethereal being, he should have been untouchable. And he could be. Often moody and aloof, Aeith often liked to live with a flair of drama. He often used it as a way to hold himself apart from it all, as if he were—wherever he was, whatever state he was in—looking down on it all. He liked to flit around the world on his terms, slipping and sliding through it. With a heart of a true thief, he took whatever he liked without ever letting anything or anyone catch or keep him.

Ty wanted to think that he was an exception. That he held a part of Aeith that no one else did. That no one else could. And, when watching Aeith breathe him in, take Ty’s breath into him and let it make him tangible—touchable—it was easy to let himself believe that. Believe that he was special.

But was he?

“Sometimes being with you scares me.”

The resigned pain in Aeith’s eyes hurt to look at. Sadly, his gaze dropped to the floor. “I would never hurt you.”

Ty knew that. He shook his head. “I’m not scared of that.” He probably should be, but he wasn’t. Aeith would never intentionally harm anyone, much less him.

But even the best intentions couldn’t protect either of them from everything. “When it’s just the two of us, I’m never nervous. When it’s just us, it’s just us.” And it was amazing, perfect. When they were alone, it was so easy to let Aeith become his whole world. To just give over and trust that Aeith would take care of him. When there was no one but them, Ty could let Aeith sweep him up and away into a whirlwind of sensation. Of, yes, anxious fear but also thrilling pleasure. When they were together, there was more than enough to think and feel that there wasn’t space for worries or doubts.

But add anyone else to the equation and everything changed.

Like in the restaurant. Ty shook his head. “But then I see you with other people. How you see them, treat them.” Like they’re nothing more than a means to an end. Walking air tanks to be tapped at his convenience. How could that not change, taint, the way he felt Aeith thought of him? How did that not put everything they’ve done—everything they were—together in a different context? How did he not just see himself as Aeith’s favorite tap? “You never ask people before you take from them. You never even seem to care who they are.” Neither Aeith nor Ty had even turned their heads at the restaurant to see who the man hiccupping was. Personally, Ty hadn’t wanted to know how old the man was, if he looked healthy or not, if he was there with his partner or family or friends. Ty had deliberately not wanted to know—if, God forbid, something had gone wrong—anything about who this man, whose life was unwittingly and unwillingly in Aeith’s hands, was. It was an intentional, self-shielding choice. Because he didn’t think he could handle the heavy anxiety or guilt otherwise. 

But what about Aeith? Did he think about that kind of thing? Did he even care? “Do you ever think about the people you take from?”


This was why Aeith didn’t usually date humans! They just didn’t get it. He was a being of breath; it literally gave him life. Without it, he became little more than semi-sentient, almost-aware air. Aeith didn’t ask Ty if he ever thought about the cow his steak tonight had been. And that cow had had to die to feed Ty; at least, the people he took from didn’t die.

It was just hiccups!

Aeith wanted to scream it at Ty. Would have, if he thought it would make a difference.

But it wouldn’t. Because humans had thought of themselves as the top of the food chain for too long. They were still learning to live with their fairy tales in their faces. They were still trying to make their nightmares make sense. Trying to fit the fantastic into something mundanely manageable, they were stubbornly determined to live by standards that no longer applied. If they ever really had.

Sylphs had been around longer than humans. Aeith’s grandmother used to tell him stories of how their kind had been born from the universe’s first tentative, but unstoppable breath. The humans were right; his kind were pure magic. An ancient and untamable force of nature.

And Ty wanted him to worry about etiquette and proper table manners! Wanted him to care that some stranger spent one forgettable meal among millions of other forgettable meals mildly inconvenienced.

Well, he didn’t. “I don’t think about them.” Aeith began to pace, feeling perverse pleasure at the way the carpet parted and pressed under the weight and pressure of his steps. “You got me, Ty.” He was just some heartless thief, taking and taking from people without a second thought. But he only took what wouldn’t be missed, so what did it matter? With a swift turn that sliced through the air around him, he shot Ty a look, daring him to take him as he was or leave.

But he stopped and blinked at the sad curve of Ty’s lips. “What about me?” The words were quiet, rough, as if wrenched straight from his heart through his throat. “Do you ever think about me?”

Aeith almost choked on a laugh. Was he kidding? “You’re all I think about!” Couldn’t he see that? “Why do you think I was stealing breath to begin with?” He shook his head. “I wanted to have a nice night out with you, Ty.” And that was the only way he knew how. It’d seemed so simple, so obvious, at the time.

Except here they were fighting about it. Nice night, indeed.

“Then why not just take from me?” Ty sounded exasperated.

Frustrated too, Aeith scrunched his face, hating this. The awkwardness and discomfort of it all. This was why he didn’t like the hard stuff. It was just so....hard. He rolled his shoulders. “I don’t know. It’s different with you.” 

Ty took a deep breath and sat down on the chair near the desk. “How so?”

He didn’t know. It just was! “That—at the restaurant—you know, it didn’t mean anything. I just needed, you know...” He shrugged. “A little something to keep me going.” Like a sip of water or a snack to tide you over.

There was a long pause with only the sound of Ty shifting in the chair. “And with me?”

Aeith shrugged. “It’s different with you. With you…” He could feel embarrassment course through him, making him both want to drift about restlessly while also weighing him impossibly down on the bed. “You know.”

Ty leaned forward, resting his arms on his knees. “I don’t.”

He wanted Aeith to say it? Fine! “With you, it matters, okay?” He tucked his feet up onto the bed, hugging his knees close, even as his toes curled and unfurled impatiently. “With you it means something.”

“What does it mean?”

Fuck if he knew! With a snipped sniff, his nose wrinkled as he tried to turn emotions into words. “Usually, it means we’re having sex, I guess.”

“Sex?” Ty’s eyebrows rose and his lips frowned. “It means sex?”

Great sex.” The best sex. The kind that fed Aeith in a way nothing else could. He rubbed his hands over his knees, feeling his mass shift along the connecting, still slightly see-through skin with the movement. “With other people, it’s just air, you know. Just breathing. Something I do to live.” To be seen and heard and felt in the human world that wouldn’t let him or his kind hide in the currents any longer. It was little more than the very basics of existing in a world he wasn’t sure people like him belonged in. 

But with Ty. Aeith pressed his lips together, trying to find the right words. “But, with you, it’s like having a part of you inside. Like taking this innermost, intimate part of you, that has travelled through the heart of you—the most you part of you—and making it part of me.” Thinking of the same breath, that had filled Ty, filling him made Aeith want to breathe him all in. He rolled his eyes and squeezed his eyes shut, afraid to see Ty’s reaction to that admission. “That sounds so dumb; forget I said that.”

“I don’t want to forget it.” 

Aeith looked up. Ty was frowning still, which made Aeith worry. Had he said something wrong? He’d never been good with words, his or anyone else’s. There was so much nuance there, hidden meanings held within shifting contexts and fluctuating intonation. And there always seemed to be so much, with every statement, that went unsaid. Aeith tried to read Ty but, he’d grown up with a people who couldn’t be seen, often couldn’t be heard, who communicated with shifts in pressure, speeds, and direction; body language, facial expression, and tone were so often completely lost on him. 

But, for Ty, he’d try. He watched the man’s frowning lips press together, tiny lines forming around his mouth. In confusion, he recognized. Ty did that sometimes when he was thinking. “So, when we do it, it’s like we’re sharing something special, right?”

Aeith, uncertain where this was going, shrugged then nodded, waving a hand uncomfortably. “I know it sound stupid but, yeah, with us, it’s special.”

Ty’s face flushed. Aeith didn’t know why, but he loved when Ty’s smooth, hazelnut skin did that. He could feel the slight rise in Ty’s skin temperature, the heat like a slight buzz around his cheeks. But there was something mesmerizing about seeing the pink blush boom, in a way Aeith’s own couldn’t, too. Ty winced. “Is it dumb that seeing you do it at the restaurant—especially, when I’m right there—made it feel less special? Made me feel less special?”


Oh God, Ty couldn’t believe he’d just said that. What was wrong with him? Even to him, that sounded so insecure and pathetic. But he’d said it and there was no taking it back now. Besides, he had to know.

Aeith’s legs straightened and his feet began to swing. “It’s not dumb…”

“But?” He could hear the word hang in the air between them.

“It takes a lot of air to stay corporeal. Even now…” He shrugged, his legs still kicking. Ty noticed that his feet weren’t hitting the bedspread, so much as Aeith was stopping their swing roughly around the edge of the bed, his feet sometimes sinking and disappearing into the covers. “Without either significant reserves or a constant stream of air, I fade fast. With the amount of air I walked into the restaurant with, I would have barely made it past ordering without taking breath from someone.” 

“You snuck some from our waiter.” Ty hadn’t wanted to say anything at the restaurant.

Aeith winced. “You saw that, huh?”

It was subtler than with the hiccupping man. Just a hitch in the waiter’s speech on the specials, almost as if he’d forgotten the practiced spiel for a second. If Ty hadn’t known Aeith so well, he wouldn’t have even noticed. 

But Ty did know Aeith. He smiled slightly. “It was smooth, I’ll give you that.”

Too amused with himself, Aeith lips curled too. Only to shake his head again. “But that’s my point. I wouldn’t have gotten through even that, without taking a little something from someone.” He stood up and started to pace the room, his feet barely touching the floor. “And I couldn’t just take it from you all night.” 

That’s what he didn’t get. “Why not? I wouldn’t mind.” You know, not exactly. Not given the alternative.

Aeith shook his head. “I don’t want to do that with you.” His nose wrinkled with distaste. “Not like that.” He rolled his shoulders awkwardly. “Not when it feels so impersonal, necessary…” He visibly recoiled from the notion, his whole body rising up off the carpet and away from it for a moment. He huffed. “I don’t want to take air from you because I need it.” He turned to look at Ty, his eyes softening. “I want to want to.” He lifted an overly casual shoulder. “I want you to want it too.”

Ty smiled. “Because I’m different.” Special. Aeith was probably right; Ty wasn’t exactly excited about spending the entire evening hiccupping. But, still. “I want to be there for you.” Ty got up and walked to Aeith. Reaching out, he ran his hand over Aeith’s shoulder and arm, feeling the limb get less and less solid as he moved toward the wrist. He twined his fingers with Aeith’s, the digits feeling like wisp-like wind whirling around his hand. “If you need me, I’m here for you.” He leaned in, pressing his forehead to Aeith’s, and breathed deep.

Inhaling, Aeith leaned in too and gripped Ty’s hand. “You know, I wouldn’t need to take from strangers, if we got together more often.”

Ty rolled his eyes and sighed. “I wish I could.” But they lived three hours away from each other. Even if Aeith flew, it was still a long commute. When they’d first started dating, high on new relationship excitement, they’d done it. Back then, the long drive to Aeith’s had seemed like the beginning of an adventure. He remembered the nerves and anticipation fueling him as he drove. And, even on the long drive home, he’d be cruising on the satisfaction and pleasure of being with Aeith.

But, as time went on—as they both went more and more days without sleep—they couldn’t keep going on like that. And they couldn’t go on like that now.

But, where there was a will, there was always a way. “You know,” Ty said as he pulled Aeith closer, “there is another way to make sure we both make it all the way through dinner.”

Aeith tilted his head curiously. “Oh yeah?”

“Mmhmm.” Ty chuckled low. “You know, I check into the room before heading to the restaurant…”

“Okay…” Aeith shrugged.

“So,” Ty continued, tugging Aeith to the bed, “we have the room.” He sat down on the bed. “And this bed.” He scooched back, pulling Aeith close, between his thighs. “Whenever we want it.”

Aeith’s eyes looked down at Ty’s hardening lap and widened. “Oh.” 

Yeah. Ty grinned. “Oh.” 

Aeith stiffened a bit. “Are you sure?”

Ty nodded and jerked Aeith forward. “Definitely.” His breath caught when Aeith’s hand touched his chest, the weight of him surprising. He wasn’t heavy, not yet, but more substantial, more present and immediate, than he appeared. Ty’s pulse raced, feeling Aeith’s knee tuck tight between his legs. Ty moaned, when Aeith’s hand untucked his shirt and slipped under the crisp fabric. “Definitely.”

Aeith laughed low. “Good.” He climbed onto the bed, urging Ty further onto the mattress, before straddling him, trapping him beneath him.


Aeith bit his lip, feeling the hardness of his teeth and the soft give of his lip. You had to love a man with a plan and Aeith could definitely get behind Ty’s.

Trailing his fingers up and down Ty’s chest, he could feel hard bones and muscle under tantalizingly supple squish. He could feel each tiny bump and every strand of body hair against his fingertips. “Tell me what you want.” 

Ty’s breath hitched when Aeith touched his nipple, making Aeith’s head spin. Ty licked his lips. “I want you to take me.” 

Aeith shivered at those words, feeling them mix with the air around them. His hand pressed against Ty, tantalized by the tangibility. Warm under the touch, Ty was a fascinating mix of textures and Aeith wanted to touch all of him. Take all of him.

And, being this close—breathing Ty in—Aeith could.

So he did. He breathed in, watching Ty’s chest suck in as his own puffed and filled out. Ty’s eyes widened, his dark pupils dilating, and his deep rose mouth moued. Aeith leaned down to unbutton Ty’s shirt, pressing his lips to each three-inch bit of skin revealed by the parted halves. He pushed aside the undone cloth, shoving it to bunch around Ty’s broad shoulders, and stared at his chest.

God, Ty was beautiful. Closing his eyes, Aeith inhaled deeply. Ty was all musky heat and salty sweat. His skin was solid silk beneath Aeith’s fingers. Together, their bodies crackled like a restless sky before a storm. Aeith wanted to rub all of himself over all of Ty. He wanted to take all that heat inside himself and warm himself with it. He wanted to press against Ty, not pass through him. He wanted to feel and be felt. Wanted to taste and be tasted.

His tongue peeked out to lick the center of Ty’s chest. Reveling in the smell, the taste, the feel of Ty, Aeith slicked his tongue down over Ty’s belly. He nipped him just below the belly button, making the man’s hips buck beneath him. Aeith grinned, wanting more.

He turned around, still straddling him, but facing his feet now. He undid Ty’s pants and boxers and pushed them down over his hips and down his knees. Ty’s cock was long and full but, half-hard, was still softly nestled between his thighs. “You want me to take you?”

Ty moaned, the sound deep and rich. “Please.” He arched his back, trying to urge Aeith’s weight lower.

But Aeith planted himself over Ty’s middle, placing pressure on Ty’s diaphragm. Not much—not at his current weight, more air than mass still—but enough to make Ty’s chuckle sound a little forced and choked while Aeith wiggled his hips.

Aeith saw Ty’s length swell, shifting to the side. Aeith reached out and gently ran a finger down the length from hilt to head, feeling it and his finger harden with the touch. The friction felt amazing, the sensation strong as it sizzled from his finger through him.

Aeith spent most of his time as wind, wafting wistfully within it. He’d been raised in the air, rarely taking corporeal form. It’d only been when he started going to public schools and interacting with humans that he had to learn tricks in order to hold form for long periods of time. Even now, Aeith only became solid when he had to. It took effort to stay that way and it was rarely ever worth the effort.

But it was worth it now.

Heady heat radiating from Ty’s body, the man stiffened and arched into Aeith’s touch. Aeith wanted this moment, this sensation, to last forever. He leaned in and breathed again, inhaling Ty’s intoxicating scent as he felt Ty’s chest tighten in reaction.

Aeith had to be careful. To only take so much, so fast. To make sure, while his body and head hummed with Ty, that he never—not even for a moment—put Ty’s safety at risk. So he sipped, when he longed to gulp. Even lost in the pleasure of Ty, Aeith listened, looked, paid careful attention, to make sure Ty could still breathe, even if it was a struggle.

Maybe he shouldn’t, but—heaven help him—Aeith loved it when Ty struggled. It was clear Ty was starting to. His feet were flexed, his legs ramrod straight. His hands were tight fists at his sides while soft, strained sounds slipped, clipped and quick, from his throat. Trying not to lick his lips in sadistic satisfaction, Aeith could hear Ty swallow hard as it became harder and harder to fill his lungs with each stolen breath. Ty’s pants became more frantic as Aeith stroked his fingers over Ty’s swiftly hardening length.

“Aeith.” His name a breathy beg from Ty’s mouth. “Please.”

With a smile, Aeith gripped Ty’s dick in his hand, and bent low, taking him into his mouth. He chuckled at Ty’s moan that was cut off by a choked sound.



It was hard to think as his lungs gasped and his heart pounded as if he’d been running. He could feel a flicker of fear—his survival instinct—buzz like locusts in his head, telling him he needed to fight, to throw Aeith off him, to do whatever he had to to get at least one clear, deep breath.

But he didn’t. Didn’t even want to. Instead, he gripped the bedspread in his hands and let that almost electric charge race through him. He shook his head, tossing it back and forth on the pillow. He gritted his teeth while that surging feeling mixed with the pistoning sensation of Aeith’s mouth on his cock. It made him feel overwhelmed, eagerly engulfed, by the dizzying effect.

Ty opened his eyes, staring at Aeith’s bent back. He frowned, a little sad that Aeith was facing away from him. Ty so rarely got to see Aeith’s features so clearly, it seemed a shame not to now. 

Not that he was complaining about his current view. Ty stared at the curve of Aeith’s back and ass. Nope, no complaints here. He reached up to touch that arousing arch. “Take off your clothes too.” The words came out in a rush, need for both air and Aeith hurrying him. 

Aeith chuckled again, the rumble of sound on his dick making Ty’s hips jerk. Fuck. His fist gripped the waistband of Aeith’s pants and tugged at them. “Off.” He panted. “Now.”

Still laughing, Aeith released him to take off his pants and shirt. He settled back onto Ty’s chest. “Better?”

Ty reached out to cup Aeith’s ass, the round cheek full and soft in his hand. “Yes.” Much. Aeith’s sigh made Ty’s hand squeeze as his lungs burned at the sylph’s deep inhale.

Ty felt Aeith’s weight shift as his mass grew denser, pressing down on his diaphragm. Worry tickled Ty’s nerves again, his pulse racing faster as his body squirmed in a vain effort to find a comfortable position. Arching up, he felt Aeith’s length, hard and insistent, against him. Sweet Jesus. He gripped Aeith’s ass harder, the blue flesh feeling hot.

Aeith bent low again, taking another deep breath before taking Ty in his mouth once more. 

Fear quickly became panic as Ty’s lungs choked on nothing, gasping for air that just was no longer there. 

His hand released Aeith’s ass and was about to tap on his hip—their negotiated safe gesture—when suddenly air rushed back to him. Unreserved. Unrestricted. Aeith, lifting his weight—both physically and more intangibly—let Ty have five deep, unfettered breaths. “Ready?”

In a minute. He needed one minute. The flood of sudden air was as shocking, as destabilizing, as the lack of it. Closing his eyes, he licked his lips and took stock, making sure that, physically, he felt all right.

“Take your time. Let me know when you’re ready.”

Ty nodded, but took one more quick breath, as if he were about to dive deep. He supposed, in a way, he was. But before he did. “I want you to touch yourself too, okay?” He wanted Aeith to be as swept up by them together as he was.

Aeith let out a low laugh, his hard cock still against Ty’s stomach. “Okay.”

Good. Filling his lungs, Ty nodded once more. Okay. “Ready.”

Then the weight was back, pressing into his chest and constricting his lungs. And so was Aeith’s mouth. Damn, that was good. He saw Aeith’s arm bend and his hand dip between his thighs. He felt Aeith’s knuckles rap against his belly as the other man wrapped his hand around his own shaft and stroked. Ty didn’t understand it; he couldn’t feel it himself, but the idea of Aeith’s touch on his own body thrilled him.

Ty gripped Aeith’s thighs, holding him tight to his body, crushing him harder into him. He wanted to be inside Aeith. His cock in his mouth. His breath in his body. His essence, his soul, held and kept with his.

He stroked along Aeith’s thighs, feeling the muscles flex and tense beneath his fingers. Ty’s thumb traced the delicate crack of his ass, making Aeith giggle and writhe. Ty would have moaned, if he could have, but it was taking all he could to maintain his shallow breathing and strokes. 

He grinned. Aeith thought he was so good. That he was the only one who could steal someone’s breath.

But Aeith wasn’t the only one with tricks of his own. Ty liked to think of himself as a man always with a plan. 

Dipping his thumb between Aeith’s now firm cheeks, he pressed his thick tip against the man’s tight opening. He heard Aeith whimper as Ty made small circles against the sensitive skin, teasing and coaxing it. Each small, encouraging sound rippled through Ty’s senses urging him on. He pushed, letting the tip of his thumb sink inside the sylph.

Aeith gasped around Ty’s dick, his mouth going slack as air rushed out of Ty into him. 

Ty’s chest clenched but, ready for it—aching for it—he smiled. That was it. He thrust his thumb deeper, slowly sliding further inside. Aeith moaned and shivered over him, making Ty feel it along his cock and chest. The sylph’s body stilled and sunk into Ty, but his hand still moved in steady, strong strokes on his own cock. Fuck. Needing more, even while not sure he could take it, Ty plunged his thumb in and out, and in and out, of Aeith.

On a groan, Aeith’s mouth began to move over him again. Nothing could compare to the sight, the sound, and the miraculous feel of Aeith taking him and of him taking Aeith.

He could sense the darkness loom at the edges of his orgasm. As if in a thrilling race, he could feel them try to overtake the other, not sure at all which would crash through him first. His heart was pounding, a loud, unignorable thunder in his head. He blinked furiously, willing himself to stay here, stay in this moment, stay with Aeith.

But, try as he might, he couldn’t. On a panting grunt, Ty came, sensation exploding in white, hot heat within him. The pleasure of it all clawed through him, sinking deep into his senses before dragging him down into the darkness.

His last thought was the sound of Aeith crying out and the climactic shake of the man’s body over his own.


“Ty?” Aeith stroked his face. “Ty?”

He watched as the other man’s eyes blinked sleepily open. 

“You okay?”

Ty stretched before wrapping his arms around Aeith. “Okay? I’m fucking amazing.” He held him close, clearly enjoying the press of their bodies together as much as Aeith was. “How are you?”

Aeith smiled, feeling full and satisfied in a way he couldn’t explain. “Amazing sounds about right.”

Ty yawned. “Good.” He pulled Aeith down onto his chest before yanking the covers around them both.

It felt so good, being held by Ty. Aeith sunk into the feeling, letting it envelop him. He felt Ty breathe easy behind him, his chest rising and falling and pressing into his back contentedly. Aeith wanted to stay this way forever. He closed his eyes and thoughtfully chewed his lip. Given the amount of air they’d shared, Aeith could likely lie here, held tight by Ty, for hours, maybe even all night. Might, if they were lucky, even make it through breakfast.

But, just to be sure he didn’t disappear before their first cup of coffee, they should probably do this all over again when they woke up. Aeith grinned. Well, if they must, they must, right?

Except. “You know,” Aeith said, snuggling close, “there seems to be a slight hitch in your plan.”

Ty raised a curious eyebrow at him. “Plan? Hitch?”

“Your plan to meet up in the room before we go out to dinner or whatever.” Aeith gestured to them, tucked in tight on the bed. “Pretty sure, if we do that, we’ll never make it out of the room, much less to the restaurant.”

Ty frowned contemplatively, taking his time looking them both up and down. “Huh. Yeah. I can definitely see that. But then again...” He cuddled close, nuzzling Aeith’s neck. “That’s what they invented room service for.”

True enough. Aeith giggled. True enough. He had to give it to Ty, the man always had one hell of a plan.


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