Saturday, August 12, 2017

My Playroom, My Rules! - Part One

Do Not Disturb - 
Part One

“Pop Goes the Weasel” played, the tinny sound filling the room.

Vera Hernadez raised an eyebrow and her fist clenched on the bug zapper in her hand. “Is that your phone?”

She narrowed her gaze at the beautiful, black woman trussed to her whipping post. Pip Jones’s long, lithe body cringed—as much as it could in the ropes anyway. She turned to face Vera and swallowed deeply. 

“I asked,” Vera said over the sing-song ring, pointing the toy at the woman, “is that your phone?”

Pip’s head bobbed in a tiny nod. “I’m so sorry, Ma’am.”


No, she wasn’t sorry. Not yet.

But, by the end of this, she would be.

Vera tsked. “You know my number one rule.” She walked around the post, letting the hatched metal of the toy’s head drag threateningly over Pip’s bared flesh. “No phones.” It was an easy one to remember. And came with a punishment neither of them would forget. “You know what comes next, don’t you?”

Pip’s head whipped back so far it looked like it hurt. Her eyes were wide and her breath wheezed nervously. “You wouldn’t!”

Vera’s jaw clenched as she drew the toy under Pip’s chin, forcing the other woman’s head up to meet her narrowed eyes. She raised an eyebrow at Pip. “So you’re telling me what to do now?”

“No!” Pip shook her head so hard, her whole body struggled against the ropes. “No, Ma’am. No, of course not, but—”

“Then you know,” Vera said sharply, turning on her heels toward Pip’s things, “my playroom, my rules.” She set the bug zapper aside before bending down to root around in Pip’s purse. She found the now silent phone in one of the pockets. Plucking it up, she thumbed the screen to light. “Hmmm.” She pursed her lips at the text message. “Looks like work needs you.” She flicked the screen to the camera. “Well, they’re about to get all of you.”

“Wait!” Pip was struggling hard now, the ropes pinching into her limbs. “Just wait. I’ll turn it off, I swear—”

“Too late.” It was one of Vera’s few hard, non-negotiable limits. At the beginning of every negotiation, she made sure to tell every partner that they were to leave their phones and devices at home or in their car. To ensure out of sight and out of mind, she didn’t even want them in the building.

Every bottom, every sub, was warned, if they didn’t comply, the phone would not only be confiscated during the scene.

It would become part of the scene.

Vera grinned cruelly and pointed the phone at Pip’s gorgeously tied up form. “Smile.”


She snapped the picture.

Then two more. Making sure to get clear shots of Pip’s cringing face. “Your boss is going to love getting these shots.” She took another. “Not to mention all your friends. Your family.” Her whole list of contacts.

“You wouldn’t.” Pip shut her eyes. “You can’t.”

Vera clucked her tongue. “No,” she shook her head and said, “you’re right.” She lowered the phone and walked toward Pip. She touched Pip’s bound shoulders and back soothingly, reverently. She could see those pretty, slim shoulders heave with relief.

“What fun is it to send everyone pre-scene pictures?” Vera’s smile felt sharp and full of anticipation. She wanted to run her tongue over Pip’s flushed flesh as the woman’s eyes widened sweetly with thick fear. There was something else sparking in Pip’s wild gaze too, some thrilling feeling like reckless lust that made Vera’s mouth water. “It’ll be more fun to send them the post-scene ones...” 

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