Friday, December 30, 2016

Oh, 2016, What an F-ing Trip!

2016 has definitely been a crazy, up-and-down journey, bringing some of the most unbelievably sad and infuriating things. But also some pretty amazing things too.

Personally, I began the year with one novel published and two stories in anthologies. After resolutely promising myself to take more risks and put myself out there more, I now have another novel, a standalone story, and three more stories in anthologies published to date and more slated to come.

I think that's definitely one well-met resolution!

I definitely want to keep that momentum going, but I've also got some other fun plans for 2017, involving some storytelling styles that I really want to try!

In so many ways, this year has been trying and, in many ways, next year makes me wary. But there's also a lot that I'm grateful for in 2016 and even more that makes me hopeful for 2017.

So, to everyone that made that possible, as always, thank you for reading and I hope you enjoy!

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