Thursday, September 15, 2016

Nudity as a Novelty

So apparently Channel 4 created a dating show, "Naked Attraction," where contestants bare everything in pursuit of a mate. to no one's surprise it's generated a lot of controversy.

Personally, it's not the nudity that bothers me with this show. It's the focus on it. The fact that contestants are urged to choose based on body and physical attraction alone.

I've been to parties where you meet people for the first time in the nude and it can be a powerful experience. To be stripped naked and meet each other without traditional barriers. Without the brand names or the cultural references or the fashion identities that we so often use and rely on to express ourselves, we're forced to interact differently. To express ourselves and to interpret each other differently.

This show could have explored that. To show contestants talking to each other about each other, not each others bodies, but about, when everything else is stripped away, what makes you you.

The scandal and disappointed shaming shouldn't be over the nudity, but the loss of an opportunity.

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