Thursday, June 9, 2016

Community Throws Tantrum Over Age Play Store

So a store, Tykables, that caters to age play, complete with items for sale and a nursery space, is being discriminated against by its neighborhood.

Okay, I get it, it's not your thing. You don't get why people want to do this. Fine.

But they weren't hurting anyone. They weren't shoving it in your face. They were doing their best to both exist and still be as polite and considerate to the community as possible.

You're the ones making this into a big deal. You're the ones inserting yourselves into spaces not meant for you. You're the ones being inappropriate and out of line by saying ignorantly hateful things like "this doesn't belong near schools and homes" when the business they conduct there has nothing to do with schools or homes and doesn't demonstrably harm either by simply being in their proximity. You're the ones shining a light on a business that was doing its best to not be obtrusive.

I hope it serves as free advertisement for them.

Because, legally, they aren't doing anything wrong. Your fearful hate is not actually a legitimate case for shutting them down.

You may not like it. It's not your thing. That's fine. Then butt out. No one is making you go into the store. No one is making you participate. No one is making you watch. No one is making you do anything but share the world with others who have just as much right to exist as you.

So be as unhappy with the unfairness of being asked to be a tolerant, non-prejudice person of the world as you like but, while you pout over the injustice of it all, here's a suggestion: Why not mind your own business and leave this business alone?

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