Friday, May 13, 2016

Playing With My Partners - Part One

Short Story – 
Part One

Cara was still panting, her body still shuddering, when she heard the door open. 

And then close. 

Leaving her still tied to the bench, alone.

Not alone.

She inhaled, still trying to find her breath, scenting—sensing—someone else in the room.

She breathed in again, deep and searching.

Money. Power. Man.


Her body heated even as an exciting, silvery shiver shot through her.


Her heartbeat raced at the thought of her play partner, expectation and anticipation rising, mixing with the sexual satisfaction still humming inside her. She squirmed, knowing what was coming next.

“Look what someone just left here,” his voice, deliberately low and gravelly, raked across her skin. “What a pretty, fucking present.”

Cara jumped—as much as she could in her position—as a loud thwack sounded. She knew that sound. She knew she did. The sound of something hard and harsh against a leather-clad thigh. The sound alone sent heat lancing through her, her body’s reflexive reaction. God, she knew that sound, but damned if she could quite place it.

She stilled—her whole body tense—as she listened, straining for a sound. All she could hear was the sound of his boots as they stalked the room.

“I must have been real good to get a gift like this left for me,” he mused as he walked the room from corner to corner. “Makes a man wonder what kind of nasty, little girl you’ve been to get left bottoms-up and exposed...” 

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