Friday, April 15, 2016

Pose Naked For Me - Part Two

Short Story – 
Part Two
Read Part One Here
“Pinch them,” Dare heard Hayato say.


Dare’s breath hissed when he saw her flinch as she pinched her nipples hard, her own breath heaving in a hot huff.

Dare moved to take the picture, but stalled. 

He grunted and squared his jaw.

“Dare?” Hayato asked over his shoulder.

“It’s still not right,” he said. “Her nipples, they should look as if someone has just had at them.”

“What do you mean,” the man said, his tone more knowing than questioning.

Dare shrugged, feeling suddenly uncomfortable, trying to put his thoughts—his feelings—into words when he worked better in images. “They should look laved, almost sloppy from someone’s mouth and tongue and teeth. They should be more than just tight or even pinched; they should look like they’ve been tugged at, pulled taut.”

The image was clear in his head, so sure and so promising that Dare jumped when he felt a hand on his shoulder urge him forward. “Show me.”

Dare choked as he stumbled forward. He turned to stare unbelieving at Hayato.

“I hired you because you’ve an eye for such things,” Hayato said with an easy shrug. “I was led to believe that you know what to look for and know how to get it. Was I wrong?”

Dare crinkled his nose in confusion. He knew they’d talked about this. The possibility of it. But the actual expectation of it… Dare hadn’t really thought it would happen. Could and would were two very different things. “But you could—”

Hayato held up a hand, dismissing him. “I don’t have your eye, Dare,” he said. “I don’t know what exactly you’re looking for. Only you do. So logic says it should be you.” He waved his hand before crossing his arms again. “Besides, I don’t do direction well,” he said as a harsh ha bubbled up frank and feminine from the picnic table.

“I-I,” Dare said, shaking his head, “I don’t know.” He turned to the woman, disbelieving. 

Max simply shrugged. “It’s up to you,” she said. “I’m okay with it, if you are. And, Lord know,” she said, rolling her eyes at the other man, “he’s good with it. So, it’s up to you; I promise, no hard feelings either way.” She shifted impatient on the table and shot him a daring stare. “Though I hesitate to point out that I’m getting cold.”

Dare gulped hard.

What the hell was he doing here? He should be home, in bed, not messing around in a public park, flirting with felonies and philandering. With cameras and carnality. With temptation, he thought as he looked at the image of Max laid out in front of him like a banquet, and trouble.

His mouth watered.

“Really, it’s okay,” Max assured, her brown eyes twinkling as she arched her back a bit, her breasts pushed out on a deep breath.

Was it? It went against everything he’d been taught to believe. 

But it was what she wanted.

What her partner wanted.

And, if he was honest, yeah, he wanted it too.

Did that make it okay?

Tentatively, Dare stepped toward the table and the woman waiting for him, her legs spread to show her heated, wet flesh. He stared into those eyes whose lazy lids veiled half-open, pupil-full eyes. He leaned forward, his wet mouth ready as he closed his lips around one rosy nipple. He sucked hard, heating himself as she moaned, her back bowing even more. He pulled at her, his teeth tugging with a gentle bite that made her jerk and groan. With a wet smack, he let her breast go only to turn to the other, lavishing the same attention there.

He stood back and studied his work.



“One more thing,” he said, his voice a low, gravelly growl. He let his hand hover over her pussy, staring into her eyes with question. She gave a slight nod—all the permission he needed—before he let his fingers touch her, stroke her soft, soaked skin. He parted her labia, opening her lips as her hips gave small twitch. Gathering her wetness, he touched her clit, feeling it hard and insistent against his fingers. Thinking of how much she liked his bite, he gave her clit a pinch, satisfied at her squeaked squeal.


He trailed his wet fingers over her mouth, glossing her open, panting lips with her own juices. Her tongue peeked out to touch the tip of his finger, tasting herself on his skin.


Dare stepped back and snapped his shots. He wandered around her, surrounding her. He let the camera take her—capture her over and over—as her seductive gaze followed him, her own eyes lit with a savage gleam as she followed his every direction, moving this way and that.

Dare didn’t even know how many pictures he took. He just kept clicking, stopping only to try new settings, speeds, and modes. To position and re-position her. It was only when his screen began to show the small, insistent flash that signaled low battery that he stopped, frowning.

“I take it we’re done for today,” Max said, her voice laughing even as a trace of disappointment touched it.

Dare nodded, feeling cheated too.

“This time anyway,” Hayato said, Max’s dress and boots in his hands. “Good job, Dare. You’ll let us know when you have the pictures ready for us?”

Dare nodded again and he let his camera fall against his chest as Max dressed. “Of course.”

“Good.” He reached into his jacket pocket. Pulling out a small business card, he said, “I hope you don’t mind, I showed a friend your photos, talked a bit with him about you. He works in an advertising agency that works closely—if quietly—with Donovan’s from time to time. He’s got some old equipment he doesn’t use much anymore and a lot of experience. He said you’re welcome to borrow both, if you’re interested.”

Dare took the card and stared at it, his mind quiet as if afraid to wonder.

“I’m not a photographer,” Dare said blankly, shaking his head as he thought about the paltry handful of photos that had landed him here in the first place. He wasn’t even an amateur or a hobbyist.

The tall man just shook his head and walked to Max, who was waiting for him.  “I’ll call you again to set up another session.”

“Sure,” Dare said absently as he continued to stare at the card. “Sure,” he repeated even though they’d already gone, out of earshot.

Carefully—if numbly—he tucked the card into his pocket. With a surprised scoff, Dare shoved his hands in his pockets and started to walk toward his car, musing about stopping by a bookstore or maybe seeing about signing up for a class before heading back into work. Whistling, he let his fingers brush the card in his pocket as he strolled.

It was true, he wasn’t a photographer.



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