Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Be Careful With Your Body

I talked about it a bit in my post about HUMP! but I am a bit of a germaphobe. What we use on and in our bodies makes a difference. And the rules for selling those types of products should be looked at more closely.

Like how we found out how harmful phthalates are and how easy it is to sell sex toys that aren't phthalate-free in stores and online by claiming that they're "for novelty purposes only"and not intended for use on or in the human body. Except who buys dildos and vibrators with no intention of using them?

And this article about lubes is equally distressing. How companies can skirt laws meant to protect us by labeling their lubes as cosmetic "moisturizers" instead of following the rules like everyone else.

It's unfortunate that we make playing by the rules and protecting people's safety an unprofitable burden and reward companies for loop-holing their way out of testing and meeting industry standards at the potential expense of their customers.

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