Monday, March 23, 2015

Between the Shores's Official Release!

My story Donovan's Door is now available in the New Smut Project's anthology Between the Shores:

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And I know that a lot of readers have asked me about paperback copies of my work. Well, I'm happy to announce that Between the Shores is available in paperback as well. Please use the code 5MQV88KN At Createspace to get $2 off your paperback copy.

A volume of literary erotica centered around the possibilities of sexual negotiation.
Twenty complex, surprising, intense, and relatable stories from a spectrum of new and established writers explore something unusual in erotic fiction: someone saying no. Submissives—and dominants—safeword out of a BDSM scene. Couples (and one threesome!) discover the possibilities and boundaries of their new relationships. Past trauma rears its head. Personal preferences clash.
Between the Shores shows respect for the boundaries people set as an integral part of sex, and highlights trust, communication—and mutual pleasure.
Some call a halt to the action. Some proceed with care and caution. Some bare secrets to their partners that they’ve never before shared. And some find exciting alternatives. Through negotiation—whether serious or accompanied by laughter—they move beyond their “no” to reach what they truly desire: healing, growth, and fulfillment both sexual and otherwise.
Honestly, working on this anthology was an eye-opening and growth-inspiring experience. I'll probably do a write-up like the one I did for my novel. I really hope that everyone who reads this collection gets as much out of it as the authors and editors who worked on it did. And, as always, please enjoy!

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Thursday, March 19, 2015

"Saving Sex" - a Delightful Discussion about the History of Sex

I love Susie Bright. I love her writing and anthologies. Reading or listening or experiencing anything that she's touched is just a joyous experience. The way she looks at and presents sex seems like such a revelation. She often gives you insights and perspectives that too many people don't see enough of.

This discussion is no different. So, please, please, enjoy.

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Kink and the Medical Community

A really good article about the medical community and kink. I've been lucky enough to have known some very sex-positive and open-minded doctors. Here's to hoping everyone is so lucky:

Doctors should pay more attention to their kinky patients. Here’s why.

When it comes to conversing about sex, medical professionals are often uncomfortable. I can’t count the number of times that my peers and I have been chastised for failing to elicit a sexual history. When we think a medical issue is unrelated to sex, it can feel awkward and like a waste of time to bring it up. But it’s usually the medical professional who feels uncomfortable — not the patient. In my first year of medical school, I interviewed a patient with a spinal cord injury who used a motorized wheelchair to get around. When I finally asked about her sexual history, she thanked me: 'I love it when I’m asked about sex. No one ever does because they think I don’t have sex. But it’s an important part of my life.' ”

Friday, March 6, 2015

Yay for Sex Positivity!

This is a fantastic article on sex positivity and why it's so important and why it's something that we all need:

"As the creator of this movement, Carol Queen, Ph.D. wrote: 'Sex-positivity refers to a radical stance: accepting everyone’s sexual desires and choices, providing they’re consensually engaged in. That means accepting other people’s sex lives even when you don’t find the things they do remotely alluring. It means allowing that others may have tons more sex than you — or way less; they may have sex that seems hot to you, or not at all appealing. You really, really don’t have to like the kinds of sex other people engage in to fully support their right to so engage.' "

Korrasami and Bisexual Invisibility

canon straight couple: okay they glanced at each other twice before making out/argued with each other and are now in love. seems perfectly reasonable.
canon femslash couple: idk you need more build-up. them being friends and caring about each other and blushing is a bit vague. it came out of nowhere after one of them was willing to die to protect the other. ur ruining their platonic friendship
I'm watching Season 3 of Korra and, YES!, this is exactly how I feel about Korrasami. If Asami had been a guy, everyone would have been able to interpret their relationship as potentially moving toward something more than friendship. 

Could it also be interpreted as just friendship? Sure. Many friendships are built on intimacy, closeness, and even a bit of flirtation--all of which can be seen between Korra and Asami. 

But so are many relationships. 

In fact, relationships can grow out of friendships like that.

Which is exactly what happens with Korrasami.

But, because they were two female characters, it was easy to dismiss the chemistry between them in a way that, if Asami had been a guy, it wouldn't have been.

Admittedly, their relationship was handled with much more subtlety than any of the other relationships running around Team Avatar. But, frankly, most of those relationships--Korra and Mako, Mako and Asami, Korra and Bolin, Bolin and Eska, Bolin and Ginger, Bolin and Opal--seemed over the top and overly dramatic anyway. Most of those were constructed far too fast and were made up of little more than out-of-control attraction and hormones, fizzling out just as fast as they began.

How are they more valid, more easily and readily recognizable as *real* relationships than the one based in solid friendship, connection, and intimacy?

To anyone who thought Korrasami came out of nowhere, go back, re-watch the show, imagine that Asami is a guy as you do, and tell me if you still couldn't see it coming. Because, sure, the girl is subtle, but she's not that subtle.

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Google's New-New Porn Policy

So, looks like Smut won today! 

Google is taking back their "no nudes" policy because of the backlash and going back to the perfectly workable way they were doing things before.

So, what does this mean for this blog?

I don't know.

All my posts are moved over

But Google is trying not to be so much of a sex-negative killjoy

What's a porn blogger to do?

So, for now, I'll keep Blogger the way it is (pics will come back soon-ish), full-posts and everything. And I'll keep Word Press the way it is (I did just spend a week creating it; might as well use it).

Looks like we're all back to normal again, with the added bonus of one more place to find me.

All in all, definitely a win for the smutty, smutty, sex-positive side today!

We're Moving to Word Press!

Since Google is being prudish about sexually explicit content on their clearly designated adult-content blogs, I've created a Word Press blog.

This is going to replace this Blogger account as my main site.

I'll still keep all my old content on here, since there are a lot of reblogs that are linked back here and there's only so much I can do about that.

But, from now on, my new content is going to link to Word Press. I've already transferred all my SAF 28 NSFW stuff over, so you won't miss a thing in my new home. I'll likely post bits of anything new here then link to my main site.

So I'm sorry for the inconvenience and I hope that you'll come over to Word Press and play. But, like I've said before, I won't work with people who discriminate against and shame people in the consensual adult sex work industry.

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Be Careful With Your Body

I talked about it a bit in my post about HUMP! but I am a bit of a germaphobe. What we use on and in our bodies makes a difference. And the rules for selling those types of products should be looked at more closely.

Like how we found out how harmful phthalates are and how easy it is to sell sex toys that aren't phthalate-free in stores and online by claiming that they're "for novelty purposes only"and not intended for use on or in the human body. Except who buys dildos and vibrators with no intention of using them?

And this article about lubes is equally distressing. How companies can skirt laws meant to protect us by labeling their lubes as cosmetic "moisturizers" instead of following the rules like everyone else.

It's unfortunate that we make playing by the rules and protecting people's safety an unprofitable burden and reward companies for loop-holing their way out of testing and meeting industry standards at the potential expense of their customers.