Monday, January 12, 2015

Fixing Adoribull

This isn't going to turn into a Dragon Age: Inquisition blog (much as that might entertain some of my gamer friends) but, since I've been asked, here is the game's end to the Adoribull story arc and what, if I had to find a way to be okay with it, I would have changed to make it at least better for me.

Game End:

Inquisitor: Will you be returning to Tevinter now?

Dorian: No, actually, I was thinking of sticking around...for a while.
Inquisitor: (teasingly) Would that have anything to do with Iron Bull?
Dorian: (small laugh) It might... (shrugs) You know how it is.

My Adoribull End (if they had to stay together):

Inquisitor: Will you be returning to Tevinter now?

Dorian: No, actually, I was thinking of sticking around...with Ashkaari.
Inquisitor: (skeptically) You and the Iron Bull? Really?
Dorian: Yes, (stands a little straighter, almost defensively) me and the Iron Bull.
Inquisitor: (small laugh) Well, good for you.
Dorian: (sheepishly) You really think so?
Inquisitor: (clasps the man's shoulder) I do.
Dorian: (shuffles feet a bit, touches the dragon's tooth worn around his neck, and sighs awkwardly) Well, I wish you well, my friend.
Inquisitor: And I you.

Dorian still gets to keep his sense of discretion while also acknowledging that the Bull matters to him in meaningful ways, like calling the Bull by his given name rather than his adopted name (that may or may not fit him that well anymore) and wearing a sign of their significance in much the way a kinkster would value a collar or a person would value a wedding or promise band. I think, if I could see that Dorian cares for the Bull and treats what they have with the respect it deserves, I could find a way to find Adoribull…well, adorable.


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