Thursday, May 15, 2014

To Aphrodisiac or Not?

Why is it that a lot of aphrodisiacs--tripe, rhino horn, ambergris, Spanish fly--put me more in the mood to be sick than get it on?

I'm all for wanting better sex--and a 400% increase in sex drive is impressive--but I'm not willing to chug liquefied sheep stomach to get it. Call me crazy.

Especially since science has pretty much agreed that, while certain foods may increase things like blood flow or energy or may be nutritious enough to give you an overall feeling of good health or even just have enough innuendo in them to placebo you into arousal, "No food has been scientifically proven to stimulate the human sex organs."

I guess whatever gets you there gets you there and that's the important bit. But, if I'm going to pick a scientifically iffy food that will improve my sex life, I'm going with the ones I already love. 

Hand me my chocolate and coffee and let's have a good night!

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