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I Need This, Sir - Part One

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Week Two Excerpt - Part One
Welcome back to the wonderful world of NaNoWriMo, where I try to write a novel in a month. Just like last year, here's an excerpt from what I've done for Week Two of this literary adventure. As always, please enjoy.

Pip had gone home after the interview, restless, frustrated, and practically shaking with need. Need for something. Not sex. Not today. The thought of someone touching her like that—with tenderness and worshipful attention—felt wrong right now. 

It wasn’t what she wanted

Wasn’t what she needed at this moment.

She wanted a scene. Something hard and harsh. She wanted to be torn down and stripped bare. She wanted to let all the raw and exposed bits inside her out. To let them have their way with her so they could leave her alone.

So she’d called up the one person she knew who could give her just that.

“Hello Pip,” the familiar, deceptively soft and civilized voice murmured as she entered Donovan’s playspace.


Her eyes almost began to tear up as she saw him. With her nerves frayed and her mind racing, she was so grateful that he’d come.

She smiled as she approached. The absolutely, if unconventionally, gorgeous Asian man looked like an anime cartoon villain. Or some modern, multicultural idol, all sleek, golden skin and hair and wrapped in a designer suit. The god of litigation leaned against the dungeon wall, content to let her come to him. Just the look of him, sure and confident, made her feel more centered. Grounded by his steadfastness in a way Pip had never been able to find anywhere else. God, she’d missed him.

It was strange. Unlike most of her relationships, she and Hayato had never actually broken up. They’d simply drifted apart. And, even when they’d been together, they’d never been exclusive. But, she’d like to think, they’d been close. Knew parts of each other no one else did and likely never would.

They may not have been each other’s happily-ever-after—if such a thing even existed—but, in their time and in their way, they had given each other happiness. And she needed a little of that today.

“It’s been too long,” he said, his thin lips moving sensuously into an inviting smile.

It had been too long. “We’ve both been busy,” she said. Her with her expanding career and he with his new partner. They hadn’t spent any significant time with each other in months, but she still counted him among her closest friends. And one of the few people she trusted enough to call after a really awful day. “I’m glad you could make it tonight.”

His smile dipped into a frown. “You sounded,” he said, choosing his words carefully, “upset on the phone; of course, I came.”

“Thank you,” she said. It was nice to know that, even after that time and all the change in between, he was still someone she could count on. 

He held out his arms for her. She walked into his embrace, holding him close as she breathed in the rich, exotic scent of him. “Are you sure you’re up for this?” he whispered into her ear.

She smiled, hugged him closer, and nodded. “I’m sure,” she told him.

He returned her squeeze again before letting her go. “Then strip,” he said, squaring his feet and folding his hands behind his back.

Pip reached for the side zipper on her dress, only to stall. “Where’s Max?” she asked, a niggling feeling hovering, making her hesitate. Max, even though Pip hadn’t known her all that long, had become a good friend. Had really joined in and worked hard for the community and more than earned Pip’s friendship and respect.

He gave her a reassuring half-smile and nodded behind her. Pip turned and saw Max sitting on a bench in the back with the other spectators. His spunky redheaded partner waved back at them with her own sympathetic and encouraging smile.

Pip let out a breath, not realizing until that moment how worried she’d been about her old partner’s new partner. Or how much of a relief it was to have her approval. Pip was having a rotten day and God knew she wanted to fix it any way she could. But she also knew she wouldn’t—couldn’t—do that while ruining someone else’s day by poaching their partner. Especially not a friend’s.

Pip nodded gratefully to Max, making a mental note to call her up soon. Set up time to grab coffee or a movie sometime. Sure, she saw Max at moderator meetings and munches and play parties for Donovan’s. Even got to see her at parties and gatherings within their social circle. But it would be nice to just hang out as friends. Everyone was just so busy all the time, never finding time for anything that didn’t feel like an event. But, as the buxom redhead nodded back, her brown eyes understanding and accepting, Pip knew that Max was someone well worth finding that time.

“Ready to begin?” Hayato asked again, leaning in to loom over her.

“Yes,” she said as she tugged her zipper down before stepping out of and discarding her dress.

She stood up to face him in nothing but a crimson, vintage lace bra-and-panty set and ruby-colored kitten heels. Ready. More than ready. She took a deep breath. Let’s do this.

He led her to the playspace’s ladder-like A-frame, urging her to grip one of the bars at shoulder-height. With her back bared to him and the rest of the room, she heard him root around behind her. Heard the pop of his briefcase-ish toy box as he opened it. Heard the shuffle of toys and equipment. Before she heard his footsteps—graceful, stealthy, and almost silent on the tile floor—approach her from behind.

“You need to get out of your head,” he told her, touching her temple before running his long-fingered hands over her hair. “This will help.” He wrapped a blindfold over her eyes, tying it at her temple, so it didn’t tangle in her hair.

Pip opened her eyes behind the cover, the enforced blackness at once both shutting her off from the world and heightening everything around her—every sound and presence and movement happening all around her. She could hear the slap of flesh against flesh from the spanking scene happening to her left. Could hear the menacing whisper of the Dom to her right. She heard the squeaky footsteps of the rope top on the mat across the room. She could even smell the intoxicating scent of leather and sweat and excitement as she felt the eager eyes watching her.

And she felt him.

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