Tuesday, January 22, 2013

I Know I'm Not a Big EL James Fan But...

...for God's sake, "'Fifty Shades Of Grey is not a manual: it's a work of fiction and this is a case which demonstrates that things can go wrong."

I believe in the lifestyle; I believe in the fun and love and health of it. But it isn't something that just anyone should do. And it isn't something that should be done without proper thought, research, experience, and precaution.

And those who portray it--particularly the overblown, extreme, rare examples of it--without that thought, research, experience, and caution do a disservice to those of us who actually do it. Who live it. At best, they portray us as something we're not.

At worst...
Jeweller found not guilty of 'Fifty Shades Of Grey' attack on partner after jury hears she signed a 'sex slave contract' 

Unknowingly, unwittingly, whatever, they're teaching the worst kind of behavior to the most vulnerable among us; those who don't know any better. Fantasy is great; I'm a big fan of it. But those who write it and publish it out to the wider world have an obligation to realize that under that fantasy exists someone else's reality. Take a little care with it.

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