Friday, November 16, 2012

An Interesting Article about the "50 Shades" Effect

I'll admit it.

I haven't read E.L. James's book.

Not all of it.

I started it wasn't for me. Wasn't my type of story. Wasn't my type of writing. Wasn't my type of romance, sex, play, or kink. No matter how I tried, I just couldn't get into it.

Which makes me an oddity--or so anyone who hears I'm kinky and/or write erotica thinks. It's inevitably everyone's first question when they hear that I'm in any way part of the literary kink scene, have I read this series yet? It's become, for better or worse, the public image of a world that, for the vast majority of us in the community, had been kept very, very, very private.

Whatever one thinks of the book, it's had an effect on the industry and the art. It's changed the way we do business. It's opened doors, opened eyes, and opened discussions that had been closed for so long. I, for one, know--without doubt or question--that I owe some of my sales to James and her books.

And, as Thanksgiving is fast approaching, I'd like to say that--though the book may reflect a lifestyle and a world that I, as a kinkster, cannot relate to--I'm very grateful that it's, in its way, allowed me the opportunity to present a book that does. So, while this is one thanksgiving that I'll spare my family as we gather around the table this year, it's a thought I felt ought to be shared with you.

A Miami Book Fair International panel on erotica will debate life after ‘Fifty Shades of Grey.’

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