Saturday, July 4, 2020

Running Hot - A #MaskUp Romance

*Okay, so last week, I said that romance/erotica writers SHOULD write more stories that portray and encourage mask-wearing. So here's my first attempt at a #MaskUp romance story.
Running Hot - A Quaran-tine Short Story
"...It shouldn’t have, but that short second that their gazes met over their masks felt...electric. Donna felt that look straight through to her soul. It was somehow, strangely more intimate than any touch she’d ever experienced.
Damn, this was an absolutely awful time to need to get laid.
She fell a couple steps behind Nathan. It was really hard to not look at him with pure want. He was a genuinely nice guy who cared about the people around him. He was hardworking and smart and had this innate way to make people feel at ease around him. And, Lord knew, he was nice to look at. Thick, black hair that begged you to run your hands through it. Chiseled cheekbones and a strong jawline peeked out from behind his cloth mask. His eyes were often dark and intense, but could spark with a playfulness that always intrigued her.
Yeah, Nathan was objectively hot. She’d always known that; as his friend, she’d seen him literally charm the pants off of enough women. Why did that thought suddenly feel different? Donna felt sweat begin to drip down her brow, her face, her throat. She swallowed hard and felt her breath heave.
She shook her head. She needed to run.  Run off all this That was all this was. Cooped-up stir craziness manifesting as horniness. She just needed to run.
So she picked up the pace to match Nathan’s. Next to him, she couldn’t look at him, right?
Except she could hear him breathing. Could feel the heat of him beside her. She was so aware of every movement of his body. The steady rhythm of his feet on the pavement. The strong, controlled swing of his arms as his powerful legs propelled him forward. Even his mask moved with a kind of grace, puffing in and out with each breath. Every time he breathed in, she could almost see the outline of his full, parted lips against the cloth. She imagined the feel of it against his lips, even as she couldn’t ignore the feel of her own against her mouth..." READ THE REST FOR FREE HERE