Friday, January 5, 2018

You Know You Want to Do What I Say - Part Two

Ready to Play - 
A Playbox Donovan's Door Story
Part Two
Read Part One Here

To read the rest of this story, please check out my Playbox Exclusive story “Ready to Play” for free on their website. Online dating has become an inevitable and undeniable part of the modern dating landscape, particularly for those of us outside the everyday, vanilla mainstream. It can be frustrating and seem fruitless at times, but it can also be remarkably rewarding. Follow this couple as they make their way from digital space to the real world. U
sing their kinky dating app, these online partners play around the city, from out on the streets to a department store dressing room to a hotel room alone, seeing if their connection in real life can match, can surpass, what it is online. 

Play is the first kink lifestyle brand.

Temperature BDSM BoxThey seek to inspire and guide kinky and vanilla people alike with their Playbox store for kinky toys and products. Each Playbox is a hand-curated and themed BDSM box to provide you the best in kink toys from local artisans. With discrete packaging, Playbox is the perfect way to either explore kink for the first time in the privacy of your own home, or to discover new products and add variety to your kink life.

They also run the newest kink app, Play, put together for real kinksters by real kinksters. Currently in funding, they will keep you updated on their progress. If you would like to participate in their market research, please contact them!

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