Thursday, November 30, 2017

Sci-fi Fetish Come to Life - Part Two

Open Season Novella  
Unidentified Fetish Object  
Part Two
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To read the rest of this story, stay tuned for news on the publication of this novella from Less Than Three Press!

Sometimes it really sucks being female. 

Especially for Juli, an alien woman going through a mating cycle that causes any genetically compatible person to be irresistibly attracted to her, whether she or they want it or not. This understandably makes her life, from her job to her relationships to just walking down the street, difficult. Everything during this time becomes an elaborate ritual meant to manage this condition. From choosing clothes that will prove to other people that she’s not “asking for it” to strategically navigating harassment on her commute into work, it takes so much effort on Juli's part to simply exist in the world.

It's not easy for her partners, Kyle and Kayla, either, from how Juli's cycle affects the way they view their own desire as well as hers to, of course, how they all must necessarily and ethically adapt because of it. Because, while people talk about boys being boys and how their uncontrollable libidos take them over, leaving them powerless to resist in its wake, Kyle and Kayla know better. They want to be better. Dating Juli may challenge their sense of self-control but they know, even when it’s hard—especially when the situation is murky and their minds are telling them what they want to hear and not necessarily what is true—consent should always matter.

As the world is learning—from the #MeToo movement to the rash of prejudice against immigrants and people of color—it isn't easy to be “other” in this world. It sucks to sometimes be seen as an outsider or a lesser being in your own home. But Kayla, Kyle, and Juli learn that, even as others who've been shoved to the outskirts of society, they can find comfort in being together.

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