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You Want Me? Then Take Me. - Part Two

The Way Back to Play Novella  
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Part Two
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“Much.” She closed her eyes as his hands skimmed down her neck, her shoulders, and her arms before settling on her waist.

“Are you sure?” Worry weighed down his voice and touch. His finger trailed a new tear as it fell down her cheek. “You don’t seem fine.”

“I just—” she started. “I...” She shrugged helplessly. “I’m sorry; I don’t know what’s wrong with me.”

“There’s nothing wrong with you,” he insisted, indignant on her behalf. But then he sighed and brushed her hair off her face, a bemused half-grin on his face. “It’s just been a while for you and I never go that far with you.” He shook his head. “I always stop.”

Kat sat up in his arms, blinking down at him, frowning at the castigating tone he seemed to aim at himself. She shook her head. 

He’d said there was nothing wrong with her

As if there were something wrong with him

She shook her head again. “It’s not...” She frowned and drifted off. “I just…”

She pouted and huffed, trying to force her still muddled mind to work. 

It had been a while since they’d played—really played—together. And, yes, he’d always stopped before she reached that red point. And, yes, it’d been a lot to take in with Rand; she was still reeling. 

She felt shaky and off-balance. She felt weak and exposed.

“I want to thank you, Peter.” She lay her hands on his shoulders.

“For what?” His tone was a little sardonic.

“For everything,” she insisted. “I needed this, Peter.” 

He frowned. “Needed to be beaten so hard you cried?” 

She gave a weak laugh. “Well,” she said with a shrug, “yes.” 

When he gave her a skeptical look, she laughed again and threw her arms around her. “Oh, Peter, it was fantastic, really. I feel...” she shrugged again before saying, “freer. Like everything that’s been pent up—like everything that’s been building up inside me lately—has been released.” Like the walls she’d built had been torn down. 

She leaned back and smiled, heaving a relieved sigh. “Thank you, Peter, for everything.” 

He was still frowning. 

She tilted her head. “What’s wrong?” 

For a long moment, he just frowned. He heaved a sigh and shook his head. “I don’t know if I can do that with you.” Consternation furrowed his brown. 

“Do what?” 

“What Rand did.” He hung his head. “Play with you like that.” His eye twitched and he cringed a bit. “It was hard enough to watch; I really don’t think I can do that. Go that far with you.”

Her heart broke at the self-disappointment she heard in his voice. 

She reached out, framing his face with her hands. She kissed him deeply. “I never asked you to.” 


Peter gripped Kat’s shoulders and pushed her away.

Lips still pursed, she stared at him confused. “What is it?”

“You never asked me to;” he repeated, “doesn’t mean you didn’t want me to.” He knew Kat. Even though she’d definitely grown—in confidence and experience—since they’d met, she was still shy. 

Still so quiet. 

Still submissive. 

Still so eager to always please.

Even with him, she rarely asked for what she really wanted, what she needed. As if she thought it might be too much to ask. 

“I love you, Kat.” He lay his hands over hers on his face. “I want you to have everything you want. Everything you need. That’s why I did all this.”

“Thank you.” She leaned in to kiss him again.

He stopped her. 

He grimaced at her confused look. “I thought that was what I was doing,” he told her in a quiet, low, unsure voice, the questioning voice he only really heard in the back of his mind. “I thought I was giving you want you need. Giving you the kind of play you crave. Giving you time with our friends. Giving you a sense of community again.”

“You did.” She smiled and tried to kiss him again. “Thank you.”

He held her still. “But now what?” 

“What do you mean?”

He sighed and rolled his neck, hating this. Feeling unsure. Feeling vulnerable. Feeling fucking weak. “Where do we go from here?” He couldn’t do what Rand had done. Not with Kat. Not to Kat.

He felt so helpless. He hated feeling helpless. Useless and inadequate. “I can’t be what you need.” How could he stand it?

How could she?

“Peter,” she scolded, putting her hands on her hips—making him, despite everything, smile. She looked so sweetly fierce, her jaw set and her eyes furious as her sexy, naked body braced for a fight. 

She pointed her finger at him, shaking it in his face—making her small breasts jiggle in an amusing, rather arousing way. “Don’t you laugh at me, Peter Richards.”

“I love you,” he said on a laugh. “I love you so much—”

“And I love you,” she said, sounding—and looking—more angry than that phrase would typically warrant. “You, Peter, not anyone else.” She sighed. “Tonight was…” she shrugged and said, “amazing. More fun than I think I’ve ever had, but I don’t need it.” She beamed down at him. “Not like how I need you.”

Peter’s chest clenched, his heart stopping for a second before it raced. 

Hearing her say things like that—sounding so confident and sure, so strong and loving—he didn’t think he’d ever get used to it. “I need you, Kat,” he told her, sounding choked up even to himself, “so much. More than I can say.” More than anything.

He huffed, straightening himself up. Reaching into his pocket, he pulled out the pendant he’d bought her. “One more surprise.” He held it out to her. He watched her eyes light up at the sight of it. No longer on its delicate silver chain, the silver heart now hung on a silver, flat snake chain collar, sturdy and unbroken.

He handed it to her. “It’s beautiful.” Pride swelled inside him when she touched it reverently, her fingers sliding lovingly over the smooth silver. “Perfect.” Her fingertip touched the pearl at the heart of the pendant.

Transformation, indeed.

She frowned and ran her fingers over the unbroken chain. “How do I put it on?”

He grinned at the confused look on her face. “You don’t.” 

He took it from her again. Touching back of the pendant to his newly modified wedding band. He chuckled at her wondering gasp as the chain’s magnetic lock released at the pendant. “Once I put it on, only I can take it off again.”

“Put it on, please.” She eagerly turned around and bowed her head.

Peter stared at her submissive pose and smiled. Reaching around her, he slipped the silver around her neck before locking it, the chain securing itself in place. 

He watched while she adjusted it, allowing the heart-shaped pendant to lie right in the shadowy dip of her throat. 

She was right. She was beautiful. Perfect. His.

More than her ring. More than her vows. That necklace—that collar—said she belonged to him. And would always belong to him. 

A reclaiming.

“I love it, Peter.” Her fingers were still touching it, stroking over it. She leaned closer and kissed him. “I love you.”

“I love you, Kat.” He pulled her near. “I always will. And I’ll do whatever I have to, whatever you need me to do, to make you happy.” He gripped her by the shoulders and stared deep into her lovely eyes. “I promise you, Kat, I’ll be whatever you need.”

She cocked her head, a mischievous gleam in her eye as her fingers tugged at the pendant. “Is that so?”

He smiled, wrapping his arms around her, pulling her toward him. He nodded. “Absolutely.”

Snuggling closer—settling her hips delectably over his—she lay her forehead against his. “Know what I need now?” She nuzzled him sweetly.

God, he could feel her, hot and wet, while she rubbed herself over his hardening dick. “Hmm?” He groaned, incapable of actual words, and his hands gripped her harder.

“You.” She leaned in to nip his ear while her hand slipped down to cup his cock in her hand. “I just need you.”

He hissed and his hips bucked into her hold. 

Ah, God, yeah. 

He huffed when her hand massaged him through the linen of his pants. Fuck, he needed to be naked. To feel all her bare flesh against all of his.

Desperate hands jerked at the hem of his tucked-in shirt, tearing the offending cloth up and off. He groaned when her hands touched his chest, gripping and stroking reverently. His teeth gritted as her nails trailed over his nipples. His hands tensed on her shoulders, pulling her closer.

He felt her lips lick his neck, his chest. Felt her slide down him to flick the tip of her tongue against his navel. 

Aw, damn. He fisted his hands in her hair as she tugged at his belt and pants, opening the fly to tug his hardened flesh free. Unable to do more than grunt, he watched her lick the tip of his penis. He jerked, his hips trying to force himself past her smiling lips.

He gave a half-grateful, half-disgruntled growl when she wrapped a restraining fist around the base of his cock before stroking him from hilt to head in a slow, twisting rhythm. 

“Kat,” he ground out, tugging on her bound hair, pushing her head closer. “Open your mouth. Suck my cock, before I come all over your face.”

His dick tightened at her low laugh before she licked his head teasingly. “Katherina!”


Kat moaned and let Peter’s cock slip sweetly between her lips in one long, fast, wet slide. She peeked out of the corner of her eye at the mirrors surrounding them, marveling at the look of them. 


Like this.

His fingers fisted in her hair as she moved her mouth over his hard shaft in time to his thrusting hips. Peter’s head was thrown back, a look of pure pleasure suffusing his face. His lips were parted as almost pained sounds panted through them. 

She stared at her own face. Tear-streaks and puffiness gone, her eyes looked hot and almost feral, as driven wild by his pleasure as he was. One hand gripped his thigh while the other still pumped his shaft in insistent strokes.

She glided her tongue over him, running it along his length. God, she loved the taste of him. So sleek and smooth against her tongue. 

She needed more. More of him. 

She swallowed hard before she reared back and swallowed the entire length of him. She felt the hard tip of his dick slid down her throat while her hand moved to cup and rub his balls.

She choked a bit in shock when he jerked, his hips burying him that final bit further into her mouth, past comfort, before pulling out.

Kat gasped when, in a single, swift movement, Peter grabbed her shoulders and yanked her beneath him. Her still raw, burning ass pressed against the cold, hard edge of the counter. She sighed in pleasure at the sensation.

Without a word, he grabbed both her legs beneath the knees, wrenching them apart in a stretching pull. 

She groaned into his heated mouth as he crushed his lips against her, capturing the sound. Devouring it. She grabbed his forearms and felt him grind his hard cock against the soft lips of her pussy. 

“Are you ready for me, Katherina?” His voice was a guttural, gravelly grate to her senses. He pressed deeper, sliding himself between the sensitive lips. “God, you’re so wet for me, baby. So wet.”

“Yes, Peter.” She sighed. God, yes. 

“Do you want me, baby?” He rubbed himself against her clit. “Do you need me?”

“Yes!” She arched her back to press more intently against him.

“Yes, what?”

“I want you,” she said. “I need you.”


Fuck, yeah! Peter wanted to shout in victory. Wanted to pound himself—pound them both—to completion in her tight, little hole.

“Peter,” she begged, writhing against him. Her slick cunt coated his cock in her silky arousal. “Peter, please.”

He tightened his jaw. “You want my cock?”

“Yes.” She arched her hips up to press her heated purry against the head of his dick.

“You need me buried deep inside you?”

“Yes!” She bucked.

Though it almost killed him to do it, he held her hips in place before she could do much more than pressed herself onto the very tip of his cock. “Say it. Tell me.” He wanted the words.

“Please.” She wriggled beneath his hold, the muscles of her sex gripping him furiously. “Peter, please. I need you. I need your cock inside me. Deep inside me. I want to come with you buried deep inside my pussy. I want to feel you come inside of me. Please, Peter, please.”

On a growl, he pressed into her in one hard, fast push. He grabbed her around the waist as she gasped and clutched him closer. For a second, they both stilled, wrapped in each other’s arms.

Goddamn, she was tight. 

He pulled out of her, the slick slide of her pussy extraordinary, before her thrust back into her. Sliding his hands up to cup her face, he pressed his lips to hers in a ravenous kiss. His other hand moved to grab her ass, tilting her hips so he could thrust deeper—as deep as he could go. 

“Ah, yeah.” He moaned and swallowed the small, pleading sounds trembling on her lips. He pressed her shoulders back, bowing her back so he could get at her beautiful, little breasts. 

She shuddered as his lips, his tongue, his teeth, nipped at her nipples, the ripples wracking her body pooled in her pussy gripping his dick. “Fuck, Kat, that’s so good.” 

So good. 

But not good enough.

He gave her breast one last hard grab before he trailed his hand down between their thrusting bodies to touch her clit. He stroked her, unrelenting until her orgasm wrenched from her. She bucked against him, wild moans spilling from her lips. 


Still not enough.

He coated his finger in her slick wetness, loving how soaked she got from their loving. “Damn, baby, you’re so wet. You’re getting this counter so wet you’re just sliding against me, aren’t you?”

He gave her clit one last, hard tweak before moving low between her legs to press against the taut hole of her anus.

“Peter!” she cried, tearing her lips from his, when he pushed the tip of his finger into ass. Her whole body arched—so rigid and stretched. He slowly pumped his finger deeper and deeper into her, tempering his cock’s thrusts in time, imagining—feeling—the fullness invading her.

He leaned back a bit, so he could see the dazed, entranced look on her face as she gave herself over to his rhythm. As she gave herself over to him. “Mine.” He rode her, leaning in close to bury his face in her neck. He sucked at the delicate skin where her collar touched, taking both her flesh and the skin-warmed silver into his mouth. He bit down, making her squeal and squirm. Her body quivered against—around—his. “You’re fucking mine, Kat.”

He felt her stiffen, her body going hard and still as the pressure of her pussy—the clenching pressure on his cock—intensified before she came. Her hand grabbed his ass, pressing herself against him, pushing him against her. She threw her head back, her voice ripped raw. “Mine!”


She whimpered when she felt Peter come, her name hard on his tongue. His hard body moved over her, his cock jerking inside her sensitive flesh. He groaned low and deep in his throat before he collapsed on top of her, his weight heavy and hot over her.

He should have been crushing her. 

Kind of was. 

But in a good way. 

Wrapping herself around him, she pulled him closer, burying her hands in his hair. Her heart still hammering, she listened to him breathe, the sound ragged and hard.

God, she loved him. So much.

She kissed and licked his salty skin, feeling sexy and satisfied. Feeling loved. She buried herself in his neck and whispered against his hot flesh, “Mine.”

She squealed when his arms squeezed her tight. He gave a rumpled, sleepy sound. “Yours.”

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