Monday, November 21, 2016

Toying With the Mile High Club - Part Two

Full-Upright Position – 
Part Two
Read Part One Here

Porter covered her hand with his, feeling it like ice against his own. “It’s okay; just a little turbulence.” He rubbed her cold skin, forcing warmth back into her. “Stay with me. Close your eyes and just focus on me, okay?”

He watched her shut her eyes and nod to herself, could practically see her thoughts rush through her mind. Breathe. Hold it together. You can do this. She swallowed and visibly calmed. She could do this. She was Lyndsey Wayne; no one knew better than he did that she could do anything.

He sat silently beside her, letting her find her bearings. Giving her the time she needed to let him know when she was okay.

He let out a relieved breath when Lyndsey finally turned her hand over on the armrest cushion and pressed their palms together, twining their fingers.

He smiled and squeezed her hand. “Want some soda?”

She nodded. Without opening her eyes, she took the cup he handed her and sipped it slowly. When she was done, he took the cup from her. But she still seemed a bit shaky, not quite herself, so he raised the armrest between them and pulled her close.

She rested against him, a warm, soft weight against his chest. She wrapped his arms around her, holding him there with her hands over his. He hoped that she’d kept her eyes closed as he stared out the plane windows at the dark skies and wet glass.

They were descending. More than halfway done with the flight. And while that was a comfort to him, he didn’t know if it would be to her, so he didn’t tell her. 

Instead, he told her about his parents. And his friends back home. About his sister and his cousins. About all the people and places he was going to show her. About the grocery store he and his friends used to shoplift at until they'd gotten caught and had been forced to work at all summer for free. And the AV lab that he'd spent most of his senior year in. And the auditorium tech booth he’d lost his virginity in.

He hugged her close, enjoying the sound of her laughter as he told her story after story.

“So you guys literally caused fireworks and cannons that first time in that theatre, huh?”

He shrugged and chuckled. Not bad for a couple of drama-kid virgins. “Well, we were doing Les Mis at the time and the light and sound cues were all set up.”

She tsked. “The poor person who came after you.” She shook her head and turned to look into his eyes. “That’s a tough act to follow, Porter Green.”

It was a good memory. But nothing compared to her.

“You want to see if we can top it?”

He narrowed his gaze at her, wanting to be sure he understood. “What do you mean?” he asked hesitantly.

She peeked down at his pants. “Grab your phone.” She leaned back. “You still owe me before we land.”

He moved to dig in his pocket. “Are you sure?”

She adjusted the blanket over her shoulders, while he brought the app up on his phone. “A deal’s a deal, right? Not going to renege now, are you?”

He chuckled. He couldn’t argue with that. But, if he was going to make good on their deal, he had to up his game. He touched the app, turning the toy to a subtle hum. He nudged her and leaned forward to whisper in her ear, “See the couple in front of us?”

He watched as her eyes opened to study the man and woman cuddling and laughing in their seats. She nodded.

“What do you think they’re into?” he asked, turning up the toy’s intensity a bit.

“What?” She laughed and shrugged. “I don’t know.”

“Imagine.” It was an odd request. He knew that. It felt a little weird. Almost voyeuristic. But it was just harmless fantasy between the two of them. And, he was hoping, maybe, it could do her some good by giving her mind something to think about.

She squirmed, but gave a small, excited smile. Jackpot. He knew it. Knew she’d like this. Get off on it. It was the exact right amount of naughtiness: didn’t hurt anyone but still felt taboo as hell. She bit her lip. “See her choker?”

He looked and saw, between the thick strands of the woman’s long, brown hair, a black band about the width of his thumb circling her neck. He nodded.

“Most people would assume that it’s just a fashion choice,” she said, her body stilling, focusing. “But it’s not.”

Porter thumbed his screen, dragging his finger down, so the toy pulsed over her pussy in a hard throb. He heard her bite back a moan. “It’s not?”

She shook her head. “It’s a stealth collar.” She leaned back and whispered against his skin, her breath hot against his neck. “A way to wear their want out in the world.”

Porter liked the idea of that. Really hoped it was true. “So you think he’s her Dom?” He slowly moved his touch higher, along her labia.

“Yes.” The word was practically a sigh. “And no.”

His finger stalled just as he was about to touch her clit. He felt her hips hitch and heard her disgruntled huff. “No?”

She wriggled her hips, but to no avail. For all their usual power games, she wasn’t in charge this time. And a part of him, rebellious and contrary, thrilled at that. 

She gave a small, frustrated laugh. “No, look at that choker. The diamonds studding it and the ornate pattern of it. No.” She shook her head. “She likes to top from the bottom.” She tilted her head back to nudge his shoulder pointedly. “He holds the whip and gets her off, but it's her hand guiding the scene.”

Porter chuckled, taking her hint, and moved his finger to stimulate her clit. “Is that right?”

She sunk into the toy’s touch. “Yes.”

“What about the guy over there?” Porter asked, nodding toward the sleeping man across the aisle. “What do you think he’s dreaming about?”


Lyndsey bit her lip and glanced across the aisle. Her eye caught a glimpse of the rain-streaked window, a flash of lightning in the distance. She closed her eyes and swallowed hard. 


She needed to focus her mind.

She let her mind center on the pulsing between her thighs and the warm strength of Porter’s chest against her back.

Then she looked across the aisle again. “The guy?” She slicked her tongue over her dry lips and thought. “He’s a businessman going to a trade show.” She could see it—see the story—as clear as a film in her mind’s eye. “He travels constantly. Too much to settle down with a wife or a family yet. But,” she said, tilting her head, the man’s imaginary life laid out before her, “there’s a woman—one of those booth-babe, actress/model types they hire to present at events—who’s been on the same circuit as him. He’s watched her, for months now, talk about industry tech and innovation. He’s even chatted her up at the end of her speeches and bought her drinks at the event mixers.” She pursed her lips together thoughtfully. “But this time is different. This time, he’s going to ask her to come up to his room. Because life is too short to let regret rule your life.”

“So he’s thinking about asking her out?”

She shook her head. No. “He’s thinking—fantasizing—about what will happen later. In his hotel room.”

“What’ll happen?”

She felt the vibrations play over her labia, swirling up and down her sensitive skin. “He hopes everything.” Sensation tingled through her, starting at her sex and spreading sweetly over her. “Right now, he’s dreaming about what it’ll be like to lay her down. To bare her beauty and worship every inch of her body.”

Porter made an approving sound. “What about the woman behind us?”

Lyndsey peeked between the seats’ headrests and saw the woman reading her novel, the once-glossy cover featuring a couple half-dressed and entwined. Lyndsey almost giggled. What was she thinking? Wasn’t it obvious? 

Lyndsey leaned back into Porter. “Do you see the slight hitch in her breath?” Porter nodded, his cheek brushing hers. “She just got to a steamy part. Some heated sex scene that’s all skin and sweat.”

“Oh yeah?” He let the vibrations settle low against her entrance. “Tell me.” Then he leaned down close, his voice lowering too. “And touch yourself while you do.”

Lyndsey shivered against him. She tucked her legs underneath herself so she sat cross-legged on the seat, adjusting the blanket over her. With a devilish grin, she slipped her hand beneath the waistbands of her jeans and panties.

She touched herself. Fuck, she was so wet. After all his teasing, her panties were soaked. She coated her fingers in her silky, liquid heat, feeling the toy buzz against her hand and pussy. “It’s one of those historical romances, where the reprobate duke debauches the virgin noblewoman before falling madly in love with her.”

“Debauches?” He chuckled.

She giggled and wriggled her eyebrows. “Uh-huh. Pretty, little, untouched virgin who’s never even seen a dick,” she said, rubbing her clit, “being seduced by the town’s ladies man.” Her breaths deepened and a current—hot and electric—began to burn through her. “I bet the first time she touches it, he doesn’t even show it to her.”


Lyndsey nodded. “Yes.” She reached behind her with her other hand and cupped his denim-covered cock. “He knows that it would shock her too much. Would scare her off. So he teases her, seduces her by revealing himself little by little, so she can get used to it. Get used to him.” She let her hand drift over Porter’s semi-hard shaft, feeling him harden beneath her palm. “I bet he has her touch him over his trousers, learn the shape and size of him.” She could hear him inhale sharply while she stroked him. “Her eyes would widen and her jaw would drop. She’d think about having that hard length inside her and feel both terrified and thrilled.”

Porter pushed into her hand. She let out a satisfied breath and felt her core clench at the thought—the feel—of him against her. He swallowed hard. “So,” his voice sounded hoarse, raspy with want, “what happens when he finally gets her into bed?”

She gripped his dick in her hand, feeling her own orgasm build. “He’s so big, stretching her body as he fills her. It’s unlike anything she’s ever felt before. Overwhelming. Deep.” She imagined Porter’s cock doing the same to her and wanted to groan with want. 

The hum against her own opening, that had felt like a tease a second ago, now felt like a promise. She fought the urge to grind her hips against her fingers’ touch. She wanted to. Lord, she needed to thrust into that feeling causing sweet heat to grow and grow within her, but she couldn’t. Not without causing a scene. It was almost too much. “She can feel him move in and out and in and out of her, until…”

Lyndsey gasped and tensed, her body tightening as pleasure flooded her body. She held her breath and steeled her muscles against the sensations rioting within her, willing her to writhe. 

Porter’s arms wrapped around her, held her tight as her orgasm rocked her determinedly still body. Feeling safer in his arms, she let her motionless body relax a bit. Waves of pleasure washed over her, showing in a sensual shiver that was swallowed and muffled by his body. God, that was good.

Lyndsey jumped when the plane jerked on its descent toward the airport. She pulled her arm out from under the blanket to grip Porter’s wrist, holding him close.

He kissed her cheek and made a soft, soothing sound. “We’re almost there.”

She gave him a shaky smile. “Made it just in the nick of time.”

She watched him turn off his phone before he tucked it into his pocket. “A deal’s a deal.” 

She turned to frown at him, pushing up to right herself as the seat belt light turned on. “What about you?”

He grinned wryly, grabbing his own blanket to throw over his erection, before buckling himself in place. “I’m good,” he assured her, reaching for her hand. “This was about you.” He coughed. “But, uh, maybe we should let everyone else off the plane first. I could use a minute.”

She laughed. She bet he could. She lifted his hand and kissed their entwined hands. “Thank you.”

He squeezed her palm. “Anytime.”

She settled back into her own seat and closed her eyes, trying to hold on to the pleasure he’d given her. “I’ll hold you to that.” After all, there was still the flight home to think about.

She smiled, even as her stomach began to lurch at the sound and shakes of the plane landing, thinking that, next time, she would be the one toying with him.

Still feeling the panty vibrator against her like a comforting reminder or a tempting possibility, she was surprised to realize a part of her was actually looking forward to the flight. 

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