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Toying With the Mile High Club - Part One

Full-Upright Position -  
Part One

Porter Green furtively watched his girlfriend from his spot, sitting cross-legged on the airport carpet. It was so weird to see her pace, nerves making her lithe body tense and fidgety, as a caged animal in the crowded terminal space. It took a lot to shake Lyndsey Wayne.

He supposed four-hundred, fifty tons of flying metal did constitute a lot.

He knew that everyone had fears and anxieties and the fear of flying was incredibly common. It shouldn’t have been surprising.

But this was Lyndsey, the bravest, brashest, ballsiest person he’d ever met. In-scene or out-of-scene, his Domme—wasn’t that, even after nine months of dating, a strange thought—was strong and powerful and took no shit from anyone or anything.

Except, in this moment, trapped in the terminal waiting for their flight information to stop blinking Delayed on the itinerary screens, she wasn’t.

And he hated it.

And—if he was honest—kinda loved it.

It was a strange and uncertain power shift, to sit like a steady anchor on the floor while she drifted in the space aimlessly lost. He felt awful. This was quite literally all his fault. He’d promised his parents that he would bring her the next time he came home from college. He’d never had a relationship last this long or go so well, so they were naturally curious about her and wanted to meet her.

He wanted them to meet her too and for her to meet them.

But not like this, with a delayed flight, stormy weather, and a bad case of aerophobia.

Lyndsey needed a distraction. And he had just the one.

He grabbed his carry-on and dug in the pockets until he found what he was searching for, mixed in with his laptop, camera, and phone charger.

“What are you doing?”

He glanced up to see that she’d stopped pacing to crouch down next to him.

He grinned and held up the small, thin, curved bit of silicone.

She eyed it curiously. “What is that?”

He held it out for her, closing her hand around it. “A fun new toy,” he whispered in her ear. “A wireless remote control panty vibrator.”

She leaned back, her eyes wide, and examined the toy in her hand. “How did you get this past security?”

He shrugged. “It was with all my electronics; the TSA must have just thought it was an extra charger or something.”

She studied it curiously, turning the toy this way and that. “Where’s the remote?”

He held up his smartphone and wriggled his eyebrows at her daringly. “Wanna try it out?”

They both turned as the overhead speakers announced that their flight was finally boarding.

“Now?” she asked, gesturing to the grumbling crowd grudgingly forming a line.

He grabbed her hand and stood up. “We’re the third group to board; you’ve got just enough time to go to the restrooms and get it in place.”

Lyndsey giggled, her brown eyes unsure but titillated. Stalling, she ruffled her short, blond hair and snuck a peek back toward the bathrooms.

“Better hurry.” He gave her an encouraging look before he slung both their bags over his shoulder. “Or we’ll hold up boarding.”

He grinned when she gave him a smacking kiss on the lips, seeming much more like herself, before heading off into the crowd. Porter gripped his phone, thumbing the app and making sure everything was updated and ready. 

Because, yes, while he hoped this would provide a nice distraction for her, that didn’t mean he wasn’t excited to try out their new toy too.


Lyndsey gripped Porter’s hand hard, her eyes squeezed shut and her lips pursed against a tensely held breath. Takeoff had been hell. Loud. Shaky. And terrifying. She’d been sure, every second of it, that they were all about to die in a fiery crash.

And, even though they hadn’t, she still felt on edge.

Thank God for Porter, who’d held her hand and murmured softly to her all the way through it. She had been so glad that he was here.

And she hadn’t.

While she appreciated that he’d been so steadying, a part of her hated that he’d needed to. That he’d seen her be so afraid. So weak.

She was used to being strong. Tough. She was supposed to be the one in charge and in control. She wanted to always be the one taking care of Porter. And, while she appreciated the comfort he gave her, there was something distinctly discomforting about that dynamic shift.

Lyndsey jerked and gripped Porter’s hand when the speaker turned on for an in-flight announcement. “You can now use your electronic devices.”

Porter squeezed her hand and took out his phone. “So,” he said with a reassuring smile, “are you ready?”

She bit her lip and tilted her head. Her body felt cold, distant, and being inside it herself felt invasive, never mind letting anyone else in. “I don’t think I’m really in the mood.”

“Okay,” he said with a casual shrug, setting the phone down on the seat tray, “we don’t have to, if you don’t want to. This is about making you feel better; whatever you want.”

She took a deep breath and glanced down at his phone’s screen. Regret over the missed opportunity made her frown. “We could always use it later.” When their feet were firmly on the ground or maybe kicked up on his bed at his old house.

“Absolutely.” He nodded. “How about, for now, we get a blanket or a drink?”

She let out a relieved breath. That sounded nice. That was exactly what she needed. She watched him turn on the light for the flight attendant and sighed, relaxing a bit into the chair. Porter was exactly what she needed. She knew that he couldn’t actually keep the plane aloft or stop it from breaking down, but she still felt safer—protected—with him around.

Porter requested a blanket and a cola for both of them, while she just stared at his phone. When the flight attendant walked away, Lyndsey leaned over to kiss Porter on the cheek. “Thank you.” He turned and kissed her back. She leaned into him. “Maybe, while we wait, you could show me the app.” Just to see how it worked.

He raised an eyebrow at her. “Sure.” He held the phone between them and told her all about how the Bluetooth vibrator connected to the app on his phone, allowing him to control it with several settings. There were settings to stimulate the top, the sides, and the lower half of the toy. You could control the speed and the intensity. You could even connect the toy to the phone’s microphone or headphone jack so it responded to the sounds around it.

It was a neat, little toy. Lyndsey wondered how well it worked, if it could really do everything the program promised. “Can I...” She bit her lip and held out her hand. “I don’t suppose I could see the app.”

He nodded. “Sure.” He handed over the phone. “But you should know that it’s all paired up so, if you start playing around with it...”

“It’ll play back.” She grinned and gripped the phone. She was okay with that.

More than okay.

It wasn’t that she didn’t trust Porter—she trusted him more than any partner she’d ever had before—but, with the controller in her hand, she felt her world right a bit. Even thousands of feet in the air, she felt on firmer, more familiar ground.

She squirmed in her seat and wondered how loud the toy would be. Luckily, she and Porter were alone in their row, but the plane was still pretty packed, with a sleeping businessman clutching a travel pillow right across from her, a fiftyish woman reading a dog-eared novel right behind her, and a flirty couple kissing in front of her.

She could just try it. Turn it on. For a second. If it was too loud, she’d just turn it off and play some clicker game.

But, if it wasn't...

She pressed the Play button and chose the touch option, turning the screen into one big blank space. Taking a deep breath, she tapped the screen with her finger. 


She nearly jumped at the buzz over her labia, quick and barely there.

Porter tried to stifle a chuckle, so she smacked him playfully on the arm. “I wasn’t ready.”

This time she pressed her finger to the middle of the screen, feeling sensation focus on the center of her vulva, tickling her sensitive lips. She closed her eyes and let her mind linger on the sensation.

It was light. Teasing. She would never come from just this toy alone. But it felt good. Relaxing. Like the most intimate massage ever. She swiped her finger left and then right, biting her lip against a giggle as the toy adjusted and followed her finger. She moved her finger down, her breath hitching, and then up over her clit, making her inhale sweetly.

“Here you are.”

Lyndsey gasped at the flight attendant's sudden appearance and dropped the phone, her eyes popping open to see him holding a glass in each of his hands and a blanket draped over each arm.

Porter laughed, leaning down to grab the phone off the plane floor.

“I’m sorry.” The flight attendant frowned before handing Porter his drink and blanket.

“No need to apologize,” Porter assured, showing that his phone was all right. “We were just a little...distracted.” He reached out and grabbed Lyndsey’s drink and blanket. “Thank you.”

“Thank you,” Lyndsey murmured as the flight attendant made his way down the aisle.

“Having fun?” Porter asked in her ear.

“Do you think he noticed?” Lyndsey felt her face flush. Oh God, she felt like the whole plane suddenly knew what she’d been doing.

“No.” He shook his head. “No one knows, I promise.” He held her hand, that was now gripping the armrest between them. “This is just us.” He squeezed her fingers, warming the cold tips.

Lyndsey swallowed hard, feeling her heart pound so loudly, she didn’t understand how others couldn't hear it. Which wasn’t even close to how loud she’d thought—been sure—the vibrator had been. She snuck a peek at the sleeping man across the aisle from her, expecting him to be peeking irritatedly through sleeping lids. But he didn’t. The couple ahead of them seemed far more interested in each other than they did anything else. And she could hear the flight attendant chitchat with the woman behind her.

No one was watching.

No one was listening closely.

No one was even paying attention to her.

Lyndsey’s lips lifted mischievously.

With an encouraging grin of his own, Porter held the phone out to her.

But, after a moment’s pause, she pushed the phone back toward him. “This is about what I want, right?” Peter just nodded. She settled back into her seat and pulled the blanket over her chest and lap. Crossing her hands over her stomach, she shut her eyes. “Then make me come before we land.”

She heard Porter chuckle. “Yes, Miss.”

The corners of her lips curled. Damn straight.

With her eyes closed and feeling warm and safe under the thin, borrowed blanket, she could have been anywhere. She imagined what Porter’s childhood room would look like. Maybe with nostalgic rock band posters covering old, faded, youthful wall prints, like circus animals or galactic expanses. She imagined worn-in flannel sheets and lumpy pillows. Maybe a model rocket or old science project collecting dust in the windowsill. She liked the idea of walking around this imaginary room, touching Porter’s past.

In her mind, she lay down on Porter’s old bed. She pictured him coming to sit on the corner of the bed, by her feet.


She took a deep, relaxing breath. “And waiting.”

There was another laugh before she felt the toy begin to buzz. Just a soft, steady hum at the heart of the vibrator. She arched an eyebrow. “That all you got?”

Lyndsey’s hips hitched when she felt the purr in her panties rev harder and higher against her sensitive flesh. She fought against the urge to pant as the sensation crept up to tease around her clit. Porter knew her body—her reactions—well. Every time his toy-proxy touch came too close to her clit, he would back off. Her fingers tensed in frustration, digging into the back of her hands as she fought to stay still, to not wriggle and writhe her body against the vibrator.

But then the plane jerked, causing her to let out a small, sudden yelp and wrenching her—eyes wide and heart pounding—back to the real world. She gazed out the window and saw dark clouds looming and rain pelting the pane. The plane shook again as lightning flashed outside.

Oh God.

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