Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Interview with Sizzling Hot Books

Come check out my interview with Sizzling Hot Books; it was very thoughtful and a lot of fun!

"What do you think readers like so much about erotic romance? Dominance erotic romance? 
I think erotica, like sci-fi and horror, often taps into the more hidden and subconscious parts of our social psyche. In the same way sci-fi can tell us so much about where we as a species hope to go and how horror can tell us so much about where we don’t ever want to go, so much of erotica is about satisfying needs and wants that we feel we can’t get anywhere else in our lives. I think BDSM erotica is a great example of this. Current society is struggling with this huge and complex idea of equality. Things like power and privilege are so hard to navigate today. So much harder than they’ve ever been. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that kinky power exchange play is rising in popularity at the same time. There is something undeniably attractive about being able to write your own rules with it comes to power. To play with it in safe ways where, whatever our roles, we hold all the control."


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