Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Interview With Bell, Book & Erotica

Another interview, this time with Bell, Book & Erotica, that was absolutely wonderful to be a part of. Please, come check it out:

"Q: What do you think makes a good story? Conflict. I had a teacher in college stress to me that I could create the most interesting, original characters and put them in the most fascinating, unique world, but without something to strive for, without challenge and growth, who cares? He really pressed upon me the importance that your characters, as many of them as you can, should be fundamentally different at the end of the story than they were at the beginning. Because, if you’re going to ask a reader to go on a journey with you, you’d better make sure you get them where they’re going. 
Q: What do you think most erotic authors do wrong? I think too often we confuse sexual fantasies with the Fantasy genre. Too often we treat sexual fantasies as free-for-all playgrounds for anything and everything our minds can dream of and our bodies can get off on. And, I think so long as we preface and frame our work as that, that’s fine. I guess. For the most part. But a lot of the fantasies we dream about are often rooted in someone else’s reality. And that reality deserves a little respect. In the same way that it’s no longer okay to write rather racist stories about white women being captured, ravished, and seduced by dark-skinned natives, the way it was when I was younger, I’d like to see people take a more considerate look at how they portray kink. Because kinksters live and love outside the pages of books. We have rich histories and traditions. We’re real people who have a hard enough go of it in the real world and that’s really not helped by having our lives morphed into fantastical often nightmarish imaginings that the world is already inclined to believe is our reality. If you want to know what our reality is, ask. I promise, it’s way more fun than the fantasy. 
Q: In your opinion, what elements make a good erotic scene in a book? I think what makes a really good erotic scene, particularly in a novel-length story, is making sure that your characters’ orgasm isn’t the climax of the scene. In erotica, it is important that your characters come. That’s part of the contract we, as writers, have with the readers. But the sex should be more than just that. It should have some kind of emotional undercurrent there. Not necessarily love or romance, but some aim and understanding beyond the physical. Otherwise, like plot without conflict, what’s the point?"



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